How to celebrate the 7 types of love (according to the Ancient Greeks)

February has got us feeling all X's and O's, no matter our love sitch. It doesn't matter if you're in cuffing szn or stuck in a dreadful situationship—there's still more than enough candy hearts to go around.

Tbh, it'd be crazy to limit the month of ~love~ to just one type of love. In fact, according to the Ancient Greeks, there are at least seven concepts of love in human relationships. This Valentine's Day, we challenge you to celebrate all of them in your own unique way (bc this holiday is way more than just bouquets and chocolates). 

1. Eros: Romantic Love

For all the registered lover girlies out there, your Valentine's Day will most likely be all about Eros. This type typically sees the most passion and romance out of all the others—perf for your relationship with your S.O. that we'd def gush all over. 

How to celebrate: This is the kind of powerful love we see in the movies, and it's only appropriate to do it justice by celebrating with *the* most romantic gestures. Pick your love potion: candle-lit dinner or a room full of roses? 

2. Philia: Friendly Love

If you're a Galentine's girlie, Philia is your love specialty. This love is for you and your twin flame and partner in crime. It's one of the purest forms of love, as it is nurtured in the warmest friendships. Our advice? Hold on to it, because it sure is precious. 

How to celebrate: Obviously, a Galentie's Party is perf for Philia love. But we all know that sometimes, the best gestures of love are also the tiniest gestures. So making sweet little candy grams for your ride-or-die girl group could be the move. 

3. Agape: Selfless Love

If you're feeling particularly empathetic, celebrating Agape is the sweetest way to spread some love. This type has a "pay-it-forward" attitude in life, often focused on loving your community simply bc you genuinely have a heart for others.  

How to celebrate: This Valentine's Day, spread some love with random acts of kindness. It can be as little as paying for the car behind you in the drive-through or writing up a cute Post-it note to put on your neighbor's doorstep. 

4. Storge: Familial Love

Storge is the type of love we feel for family, blood-related or not. This powerful love stems from the natural bond we have for the people we have unconditional loyalty towards. So even if you argue with your parents at dinner or fight over the remote with your sibs, Storge runs through these relationships.

How to celebrate: Sometimes the best way to feel the love is looking back on memories—aka, bring out the photo albums. From the cutest baby pics to snapshots that bring back a flood of memories, this little trip down memory lane is sure to spark some extra Storge love.

5. Philautia: Self Love

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Loving yourself is one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, no debate. Philautia is related to self-confidence and comfort in one's purpose. And tbh, that just sounds like it's the foundation for all the other types of love. 

How to celebrate: You know yourself better than anyone, so do whatever makes you feel your absolute best this Valentine's Day. If this means getting yourself (another) sweet treat, then by all means go for that matcha or fro-yo! No one's stopping you today. 

6. Ludus: Playful Love

OK, so you and your crush have been flirting back and forth for Cupid knows how long. Ludus is an easy-breezy love that's meant to add fun to your life, just like that brief hallway pass with your future S.O. DW, it's only delulu if you don't act on it (but good thing we're telling you how!). 

How to celebrate: We're moving past the cutesy, flirty texts, bc it's time to take that next step! Ofc, Valentine's is the ideal day to confess to the one you have eyes on. But if you're not at that point yet, try initiating a casual hangout instead. 

7. Pragma: Long-Lasting Love

Last but definitely not least in love, Pragma is the one that endures the test of time. Whether this is the childhood bestie you've known since birth or the S.O. you can see yourself ending up with, this everlasting love is truly precious and once in a lifetime. 

How to celebrate: Sometimes, a love we've known forever can be taken for granted. This Valentine's Day, take the time to appreciate your longest relationships by writing a heartfelt love letter or calling that childhood bestie you haven't talked to in a while. 

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by Anne Chen | 2/14/2024