One of the guys...or not?

I'm a little confused about where my place is. A lot of the time, I'm like a guy's girl (you know, one of the guys) and for the remainder...I'm a girly-girl.

I like hanging with the guys a little better, but I think my friends would get kinda mad at me for not hanging out with them and a little part of me doesn't want to lose them. I mean, I like them too, but sometimes I just like not having to over think things and go into the boy's group.

And to add to confusion, the guy I like is with the boys I hang out Basically I want to become a full guy's girl, but I'm worried about how my friends will react and that I'll lose too much of them. Plz answer!


Hey babes,

I think it's totally cool that you prefer hanging with the guys. You're right, they are a lot easier to get along with and there definitely is a lot less drama. BUT there is also A LOT of great things about girlfriends too. For instance, when you want to gab about your super cute crush, you can't really run to one of your guys for help or advice. And when you're jonesin' to shop or saw the hottest pair of shoes the other day, your guys friends probably won't be able to relate. Besides, not all girls are drama queens and completely superficial. If you get to know some of your girls, I bet you they're more like you than you think. I think it's perfectly do-able to find a balance between the two groups.

Why don't you set aside time to chill with both groups of friends. If you feel like throwing around the ball on your bball court, call up one of your guys. When you're aching to have a good cry fest watching the latest romantic comedy, ring up one of your girls. Both groups have great things to offer, so you don't want to alienate either. Also, try combining the two groups once in awhile when you're doing some neutral activities. I mean everyone loves grabbing ice cream and who doesn't like action movies? That way it's easier for you and you don't have to constantly bounce back and forth. You may even be surprised to find out that some of your gal pals love getting down and dirty on the bball court too. So don't just jump to conclusions and try inviting them. It goes both ways too, some guys secretly enjoy a good chick flick, although they are unwilling to admit it. So extend the invite over and spread the Shelly-Love.


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6/1/2009 7:00:00 AM