You *have* to create these chevron friendship bracelets this summer

Want an activity other than scrolling through your phone to keep you occupied while you chill by the pool this summer? You should make some *adorable* chevron (V-shaped) friendship bracelets! This classic summer craft is super engaging and easy to make—no electronics involved. In only a couple of hours, you'll have a stylish bracelet to wear or give to your bestie. Here's what you'll need to get started:



-Three different colors of embroidery string
-Ruler or tape measure
-Beads (optional)

Step 1

Once you have your materials, it's time to begin! Start by cutting six feet of each of your three strings. Next, fold the strings in half so that each folded piece measures approximately three feet.

Step 2

Once you have your strings, group the folded loops together and tie them to create a single loop, as pictured. Now you should lay out the strings so that they make a symmetrical pattern with a line of symmetry down the middle. Keep in mind which pattern works best with the colors you chose.

Step 3

Now that everything is set up, tape down the loop and start tying knots. In order to tie your first knot, grab the leftmost string and fold it over the string directly to the right of it. This should create a shape similar to the number "4." Next, pull the leftmost string through the loop until it becomes a knot at the top of your string. Repeat this process with the same strings one more time. Next, take the original leftmost string and tie the same type of knot around the left middle string. Remember to repeat the knot again. Now your leftmost string should be in the middle.

Step 4

By now you've tied one row of knots on the left side, so it's time to complete the row on the right. The right side involves the same process as the left, with one minor difference. Instead of tying knots that look like "4's," you need to tie the reverse, so that the knots look like backwards "4's." Remember to tie two knots on each string until the rightmost string reaches the middle.

Step 5

The final step requires you to take the middle right string (which used to be the rightmost string) and tie a backwards "4" knot around the middle left string. Make sure to do it twice. Congrats, you've completed your first row! Repeat the process until your bracelet is long enough, then tie the bracelet using any knot you choose and you'll have your very own chevron friendship bracelet. 

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Images by Delilah Brumer


by Delilah Brumer | 6/22/2021