How to make gardening your new fave hobby

Having a relationship with nature is beneficial in more ways than one. We have the perf solution to become one with the outdoors—gardening! Tbh, the world of plants is so vast that it might feel overwhelming at first. But don't worry: We'll walk you through everything. Time to get your green thumb going and your garden growing. 

 1. Decide what you'll grow 

The first step toward creating your garden is deciding what to grow. Are you a flowers or veggies person? Perhaps both? For starters, think of the vegetables and fruits you like to eat. Also, be mindful of your climate zone. For instance, if you live in an area that is prone to harsh winters or an early frost, research plant options that'll thrive in your area. 

2. Pick your garden's location

Plants need sunlight to grow, so picking an area where they'll have tons of light is a must. A flat surface that doesn't have much wind is excellent. Be mindful of places that are prone to lots of activity such as little siblings, wild animals or pets. The last thing you need is for your precious seedlings to get damaged by outside forces. 

3. Get your tools ready

Don't worry about needing any fancy tools. A shovel and gardening gloves are your only necessities. 

4. Wear the right clothes

Because you'll be working with soil, wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Time to pull out those old jeans and T-shirt from the back of your closet. Remember, natural fabrics like cotton are breathable for outdoor wear. A hat or visor will help you out, too. Don't forget to wear your SPF! Also, if you're feeling extra fancy, we included links to some cute gardening aprons. 

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5. Prep your soil

Now that you've figured out where your garden plot will be, remove any pesky weeds by hand. To prep the ground, loosen about 12 inches of soil with your shovel, then moisten it with water. The healthier your foundation is, the more your plants will thrive. You can also buy fresh soil at your local plant shop, Walmart or Lowe's. 

6. Start planting

Grab your shovel and get ready! First, plant your seeds 4-5 inches apart. Next, plant them at a depth equal to 2-3 times their width. If you're working with plants that have already sprouted (think: flowers or veggies from the garden store), research the spacing requirements for each variety (we love Google for all the gardening help!).

7. Nurture your garden

Now that your garden is set up, it's time to nurture your creation. Water your plants frequently and make sure the soil is moist. But be careful not to overwater them—this can damage your plant babies. (And you def don't want your hard work to go to waste.) In one to two weeks, you should start to see your seedlings sprout through the soil. How exciting! In a couple of months, your garden will be fully developed—#proudplantparent.

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by Nadia Payne | 7/18/2022