How to make the perfect vision board for this school year

This school year is going to be the best one yet! Not only do you get a chance to try out for the dance team, but it's also the season to attend *every* football game and snap some IG-worthy prom pics. Keeping all of your goals in one place is the perfect way to keep track of everything that you're going to accomplish this year. Need a place to start? We found some of the best supplies and tips for your next vision board.

Find the perfect location

You def want your vision board to be a daily reminder of the motivation you need. That's why it's key to put the board somewhere you'll be sure to see it often. If you find that your desk is your go-to homework spot, place your vision board above it. Or maybe you'd rather set it up on the wall across from your bed, so it's the *first* thing you see what you wake up in the morning (you'll have some inspiration every day)!

Search for ideas

Before you start crafting your vision board, you'll need to decide what to put on it. Sometimes, you can find materials in the most unexpected (and totally free!) places. GL magazines are an amazing place to start. Find those old issues around the house and cut out any photos and quotes that catch your eye. And ofc, you can never go wrong with finding inspiration on Insta and Pinterest. Your vision board will be coming together in no time!

Get visual inspo

Once you've gathered your supplies and found the *perfect* place to put your board, all you need is a little inspo. When finding images and pictures to add to your board, think about your goals for the school year—whether that's joining the band or going on your senior camping trip—and find visuals to match. Anything is fair game for your vision board, including all the clubs that you want to join, championship games in your future and weekend trips that you're planning with your crew. You can even put style inspo on the board with pictures of different clothing pieces that catch your eye or accessories that you are ready to rock.

It's all about the aesthetics

With your eye for aesthetics, there's no doubt that your board will be visually pleasing. To achieve this effect, design your board around your fave colors—so whether you're a blue bb, a green gal or you're heart-eyes for a totally different hue, everything you include should stick to similar shades. Creating a color palette for your board will keep everything looking extra organized and effortlessly chic. You can even check out famous social media aesthetics for inspo (maybe you want to live out your dark academia dreams this year!). You can build these vibes onto your board to cultivate a unique style that all you.

Create a border

Cutetape, $2

A border is the perfect touch to make your board stand out. The added pop of color will create a bright, cheery and organized look. To achieve an easy and effective frame, try using washi tape. . If you're a fan of rose gold, check out these washi tapes—or if you prefer lots of colors, check out these fun designs.

Compile your resources

Etsy, $20

Gather as many supplies as you can, from fun pastel markers to small pieces of colored paper. Anything can be useful for your vision board—the possibilities are endless, so feel free to go all out! Checking your old arts and crafts drawer is definitely a good first place to look for some cute pens or some fun stickers. If you don't have a ton of art supplies, Etsy has fun journaling and scrapbook kits that will work perfectly for your vision board (check out these paper bundles for cute background inspo!). 

Add the finishing touches

Walmart, $8

After you finish adding all the images, consider placing some fun stickers, embellishments and other small things onto the board. Not only are they perfect to fit into the tiny, blank spaces, but they make your vision board pop. If you're looking for a 3D quality, puffy stickers are the way to go...and this fun pack has something for everyone! Pens can also add extra details to your board (who doesn't love inspirational quotes and personalized messages?).

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by Elizabeth Gregg and Samara Smukler | 9/2/2022