Beginner-friendly crochet projects that you will actually want to wear

Picture this: You're finally learning how to crochet after seeing several inspo TikToks on your FYP, and you've decided to start with a scarf. With your fave color yarn in one hand and a crochet hook in another, you finish off your three-foot-long scarf with the basic single crochet stitch. Now what? If you've been in this situation, it's likely that the scarf was shoved into the depths of your closet and has never seen the light of day since.

But don't worry—you can break out of this scarf cycle. We've rounded up four Pinterest-worthy crochet projects that you can *actually* add to your daily wardrobe. No matter your skill level, you can succesfully make these clothing items and be able to respond to allll the compliments with "Thanks, I made it!"

Bucket hat


Along with scarves, beanies are another staple beginner crochet project. If you want to take the beanie one trendier step further, try learning how to make a bucket hat! The great thing about crochet bucket hats is that they are so easily customizable; you can add stripes, patches or even make a fluffy bucket hat with textured yarn.

Check out this video tutorial:

Lace-up bralette top


Much like the bucket hat, this simple tank top can easily be customized to be one-of-a-kind. Feel free to add ruffles, colored outlines, a scalloped edge...the possibilities are quite literally endless. We also *love* how adjustable this top is for all sizes—how large you make the cups is entirely up to you, and the lace-up back adds another level of comfort.

Check out this video tutorial:

Mesh shoulder shrug


We wouldn't be surprised if this type of shoulder shrug is already on one of your Pinterest boards. Sometimes referred to as a bolero, this trendy piece is *adorbs* when layered on top of your fave tank. And though this mesh/fishnet stitch may look difficult, it's actually way simpler than you might expect!

Check out this video tutorial:

Checkered bag


Swap out your fave basic tote with this crochet checkered bag! Simply throwing on this bag as you walk out the door can def elevate a basic outfit. If you're worried about it stretching out over time, you can line the inside of the bag with fabric. Pssst: For those of you who plan Christmas presents months in advance, these bags make great gifts.

Check out this video tutorial:

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by Jinny Kim | 10/26/2022