How to make friendship bracelets for the Eras Tour

If the stars aligned for you and you've scored tix to the Eras Tour (congrats, BTW!), there's a good chance you know about the famed friendship bracelets. However, Swiftie lore is complex and ever-changing, so no worries if you missed this piece of Taylor-verse. As always, we're here to update you on all things Swift.

"You're on Your Own Kid," a tune from Tay's newest album Midnights, includes the lyric: "So make the friendship bracelets / Take the moment and taste it / You've got no reason to be afraid." Adorbs, right? Swifties across the country thought so too. Inspired by this verse, they started a movement that's spreading to each and every Eras concert: making Taylor-themed friendship bracelets to share with other fans at the show! 

OK, you're up to date on the sitch—Now what? It's time to make friendship bracelets of your own. Here are three ways to participate in the cutest "Style" of the year. 

Grab your supplies 

Amazon, $24

The easiest way to achieve the ultimate Eras bracelet is by using letters and pony beads. Use any beads from sparkly to matte, from Midnights silver to Reputation black. You can purchase any supplies you choose, but we recommend this set from Amazon or this from, both complete with every bead a Swiftie could want. 

Choose a lyric, album or quote

Here's the fun part. There are *endless* phrases and lyrics you could choose to string onto your bracelets, and it's all up to you! Song names like "Karma" and "Lover" would be perfect, or even a classic Taylor quote. Simply displaying your fave album, like Red, will never fail. Acronyms like "SFSWDAHSNWGBBHS" (for Taylor's heroic outburst aimed at a rude security guard, deets here), are always welcome. 

Find a friend


It's go time! Perhaps that gal next to you is dressed in the same Era-theme as you are (Speak Now girlies stick together). Maybe that person in the row ahead is prepping by practicing their Rep dance moves. Some people have even given bracelets to celebs at their shows! Whoever you find, ask if they want to trade bracelets, or just give them yours. Everyone there is happy to share in the Taylor love, so don't be afraid to reach out to a new friend. However, be sure you go up to gals your close to your age for safety reasons. Otherwise, take the moment and taste it, girl!

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Slider image: @taylornation


by Julia Szymanski | 5/25/2023