4 ways to jazz up your phone for summer

Now that the weather is transitioning into sunny szn, it's time for a much-needed phone revamp to match all the ~tropical vibes~. We're talking vibrant hues, fun patterns and tons of glitter *all* in one. If you're not sure where to start, we've gathered four ways to give your phone the ultimate summer transformation.

Phone case

Casetify, $78

Ofc, you can't do summer without a colorful case. Not only is this adorbs Casetify case bulletproof, it's also adorned with flower and smiley face doodles to reflect the all-around happy vibes. 

Camera bling

Wildflower Cases, $8.99

A way to simply add some extra ~spice~ without doing *too* much? Yes, pls! This camera bling is to die for, and has just the right amount of sparkle for that wow factor. 

Charmed phone strap

Amazon, $9.98

Phone straps are totally in right now, and these def *scream* summer. With a rainbow of hues and fun little beaded charms to pair with it, they help keep hold of your phone without ever losing it (bonus!).


Etsy, $15

The great thing about stickers is that you can put them *anywhere* and play around with a variety of assortments. The result? A one-of-a-kind customizable case that is full of personality. 

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Top image: @nicolelaeno
Slider image: @itssissysheridan


by Madison Yee | 6/23/2023