Just got your license? Here are 5 ways to personalize your car

Big news: You just got your driver's license (yay!), which means that the time to decorate your ~first car~ has *finally* arrived. To feel cool, cute and confident on the road, there are *so* many ways to customize your ride based on personal preference and aesthetic. For an easy decorating process, we've gathered five simple accessories to personalize your car (cue "driver's license" by Olivia Rodrigo). 

Rearview mirror keychains

UniqueWeaveShop on Etsy, $10

Arguably, the best way to add personality to your car is with hanging rearview mirror keychains. This crochet strawberry and flower attachment is so cute and serving up serious cottagecore vibes.

Air fresheners

BoxLunch, $7

Truth be told, nobody likes a smelly car. So, to keep your car smelling nice and clean all day long, an air freshener is an absolute must. This hanging air freshener has a fun design *and* smells like strawberries (two pros in one!).

Vent attachments

Amazon, $10

These adorable vent flowers are something that we didn't know we needed until now. They're easy to put on your car and amaze for adding the cutest decorative touch.

Cup coasters

Amazon, $9

Who knew that cup coasters for your car were a thing? These retro coasters help your car stay clean from drink residue while looking fab at the same time. 


ruthartistrydecor on Etsy, $4

With such a wide variety of car decal designs, you can place them pretty much anywhere on your car—on the outside, windows, mirrors, etc.! We're especially obsessed with this "you look great" sticker to place on your car's inside mirror—perf for reminding us of positive affirmations throughout the day.

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Slider image: @sydneyserena
Top image: @nikizefanya


by Madison Yee | 8/26/2023