How to make a care package for your sister in college

So, your sis is away at college this year. That means that you don't have to clean up after her bathroom counter mess or get up out of bed when she snatches something from your closet...and doesn't close the door on her way out (secretly celebrating!).

But it also means that your built-in bestie isn't around anymore for a karaoke car ride or a gossip sesh about the latest high school happenings (secretly *majorly* missing her). DW, she's feeling it, too, no matter what she's posting on her socials. One of the best remedies for this sitch is a college care package. 

How do I make a care package?

She's hopefully acing ECON101 this semester, but it's your turn to ace "Intro To Care Packages." First off, you need a package (duh!). Stop by your nearby post office for a box in a size of your choosing. Step two: Fill the box to the brim with goodies that your sister will love. Final step is to close it up, hit the post office one more time and send it off!

Scrolling through socials can help you find some care package inspo, but we've also put together a few themed suggestions that every college girly will adore.

Finals Survival 

College finals szn is approaching, and your sis will totally appreciate a care package that'll help her get through her endless studying era.

Sending a planner will help her to keep track of all her upcoming exams and projects, and we especially love this one from Papier. But then comes the hard part: Actually finishing those projects and studying for those exams.

This cute coffee kit from Chamberlain Coffee should help her keep her energy up. And speaking of those long nights, your sib will love if she has something super cozy (maybe even a wearable blanket from L.L. Bean?) for those walks back to the dorm after a late-night library study sesh.

When she comes back home for break with *stellar* finals grades, she'll have you to thank for making that last stretch of the sem cute, cozy and caffeinated. 

The (f)It-Girl

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry, but I have to go! I'm late for cycling class!" We know her. We love her. We want to be her. If your sister's that kinda girl– the one that takes advantage of all the athletic offerings on campus– help her out with a care package that fits her fitness needs.

You'll want to include some kind of athleisure, like this dress from Outdoor Voices. Her water bottle might be getting a little dirty, especially if she's fallen into the typical college pitfall of not washing it nearly enough. So, read her mind (and bad habits) and send a replacement her way. We'd suggest this classic from Lululemon.

She might be working out in between classes, so save her the embarrassment of being smelly around that lecture lover boy you keep hearing about, and add in a deodorant like this one. To help her out even more, throw in a hair gel (check this one out) and hair ties (like these) so she can put her hair up in a slick bun after a workout.

Routine Refresh

Dorm living might be starting to make your college sis feel a little, well, gross. You've probably heard all the complaints over the phone. It could be time to send a care package that'll help her make the best of communal bathrooms. 

Inspire her to pamper herself with a robe like this one from Barefoot Dreams, and boost the luxury factor of those school showers by sending her a hair oil like this one.

Winter in college can, tbh, be the worst. Not bc campus snowball fights aren't super fun, but because the cold air can make your skin and lips really dry. Be sure to include some body lotion (like this) and lip balm (like this) to help out with that oh-so-relatable struggle.

But, hey, not everything about winter is a beauty bummer. I mean, remember "I'm Cold" makeup? Adding in a blush like this one is the perfect finishing touch to let her also embrace the winter chill.

Make your very own care package and 
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by Kayla Conroy | 1/9/2024