The definitive guide to fall football weekend loungewear

Whatever kind of football girly you are (whether you're watching for Taylor x Travis or can't remember a fall weekend that wasn't dedicated to tuning into football with your family), you can be it in a fun gameday fit.

While we love the super-spirited tailgate numbers you see all over your social media feed every weekend during football season, sometimes the all-out spirit wear look isn't practical for every football-viewing sesh.

To make sure that *all* your football weekend vibes are accounted for, we grabbed a roundup of some no-fuss fits that are cozy enough for cold weekends watching games at home or are warm-slash-casual perfection for in-person games. 

Fit 1: The Puffer Play 

We've all been there. It's thirty minutes before you have to go, but everything in your closet is *so* not matching your mental lookbook. Huddle up, because we're calling in a game-changing strategy—the puffer play. Think of your loungiest outfit (for us, we love a good pair of flared leggings and a long black sleeve shirt). The key to score? Just add a puffer jacket with your team logo on it! This easy-to-wear outfit will have you scoring some serious fashion touchdowns.

Fit 2: Cool Girl Gameday 

This is a classy but still stress-free take on gameday fashion. It's surprisingly easy because it's only one article of clothing (a sweater dress in team colors of your choosing) topped off with some sunglasses. It does require a cool girl classic: the slick back bun. That way you can show off those dangly football earrings! Channel that supermodel-at-a-sporting-event energy with this sophisticated ensemble. 

Fit 3: Hangin' out at Halftime 

Halftime calls for a soda, good eats and maybe even a trip to the gift store if you're cheering on from the bleachers. Skip the cold fingers and strut the stadium with this weather-friendly fit! Find any basic crewneck in your closet and layer it with a white or black turtleneck. For bottoms, pick a pair of flared or straight-leg jeans. Finally, bundle up using a puff ball beanie (we suggest one with your team logo), a pair of fuzzy gloves and a fluffy tassel scarf!

Fit 4: The Couch Coach 

This is your quintessential gameday-from-home outfit. We love this soft, vintage-inspired crew that you can get for whatever team you root for. The key to easily elevating this cozy look is with this football necklace and this trendy hair bow. Bows have been popping up all over social media and in celebs like Gracie Abrams' hair. They've recently crept into the world of football with Sabrina Carpenter sporting one (get it?) when she attended a game with Taylor Swift. 

Fit 5: Royal Touchdown

Yeah, major throwback to the iconic Princess Diana sporting her very own Eagles letterman jacket.  No need to flashback to the past though to re-create this timeless fit—we've got the perf mix of royal flare and loungewear. Ofc, you'll need a letterman jacket that has your team logo or that reps your team colors. We suggest pairing this sporty ensemble with a basic crop top (maybe white or black) underneath to let the jacket stand as a statement piece while still giving you some ultimate comfy vibes. 

Fit 6: Chilly Cheerleader

Fall can present some pretty *impossible* days to dress for. We're talking about those days where it'll be bundle-worthy chilly in the morning, making it uncomfortably toasty in the afternoon, then be back to near frigid by night. That all-too-familiar struggle could cause a fashion foul, especially on gameday (which is usually a full-day event). But not with this popular, go-to combo: Because it's a balance between these cool shorts and this warm crew, you'll be prepped for all those unpredictable autumn weather shifts. 

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by Annika Chaves and Kayla Conroy | 10/22/2023