Tap into the pink pilates princess aesthetic with these affordable Amazon finds

Think clean girl meets balletcore. That's none other than the pink pilates princess aesthetic, another lifestyle trend centered around a culture of wellness and health. She's the girl that gets up at 6:00 a.m., slips into a workout set (pink, obvi), slicks her hair back and is out the door by 7:00 as she's on her way to pilates class. Then, she goes on her matcha run and journals in her sparkling clean kitchen. Wooo—all before noon, too. 

But, hey, we know this type of lifestyle may seem intimidating or unrealistic. Lucky for you, we're here to show you how to tap into this aesthetic lifestyle with these affordable Amazon finds. 

Lemedy, $21

Athleisure can be sooo expensive, but it's actually not that hard to find affordable workout clothing that is still top-tier quality. Check out this workout tank top with built-in padding and *that* buttery soft fabric (iykyk). 

Desol, $33

Haven't ya heard? Workout dresses are *in.* This one from Amazon costs less than half the price of others from some mainstream athleisure brands, but it looks just as cute. Not to mention, it makes you feel put-together and ready to take on anything!

KEEP, $18

It wouldn't be pink pilates princess without actual pilates equipment, ofc. These yoga blocks are the *perfect* blush shade for your morning workouts. Have a sip of that lemon iced water, roll down your mat and you're ready to try a new workout!


Headphones are a must, especially if you know you are going to be extra active. Opt for this cream-colored set that is bound to make you feel on top of it. Slick that hair back, put these on and go get some vitamin D on your morning walk. 

Soffe, $20

As for loungewear, grey yoga pants are a pink pilates princess staple. Flare leggings have been in lately, but these low-waisted yoga pants will *never* go out of style. 

Takeya, $24

Don't forget! Cool girls stay hydrated. It's so important to drink water throughout the day—it's what gives you that glowy feeling. We absolutely love this *amaze* water bottle with a built-in straw (bc tbh, straws make drinking water more fun). 

Halemet, $30

As a pink pilates princess, you're *always* on the go, and you need so many everyday items so that you're always prepared and productive. Check out this canvas bag that doubles as a tote and crossbody for all your princess needs. 

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Slider and top image: @fancylikegracie


by Anne Chen | 9/5/2023