We curated the Galentine's Day brunch of your dreams

Have you heard? Feb. 13 is *officially* Galentine's Day. Time to celebrate your fabulous friendships and great your girls to the good vibes they deserve. And with this year's celebration falling on a Sunday, a not-so-basic brunch party is the perfect plan for your pals. Start mixing and matching from these adorable picks to put together the ultimate afternoon for your cute crew. Because how boring would life be without amaze besties by your side?

Invite inspo

Set the stage for a good time with Pinterest-worthy RSVPs.


Fortune fun: Are we predicting a party in your future? These faux fortune cookies know exactly how your girls will be spending their Sunday. Fold the top and bottom of an origami paper circle toward the center, then slip a short invite on a piece of paper inside. Use a piece of double-sided tape to secure the left and right ends together (see @girlslifemag TikTok for the how-to).


Sweet deets: There's nothing better than a hand-written, to-the-point note, right? Slip a cute message into your besties' lockers between classes. Not only do you get to invite them to a fancy brunch, but they also get a middle-of-a-Thursday pick-me-up. Win-win.


Silly sayings: Because your gang has way too many inside jokes to count: Cover your invites in personalized doodles—from funny memories to v. specific memes—that only your girls would get.

Dazzling Decorations

No proper party would be complete without the appropriate adornments.

Bold balloons


The vibe: DIY Scrabble, but make it pink.
What you need: A mix of pink, purple and gold balloons from the party store. Now spell out the message that best sums up your day (a simple "Galentine's" makes for a fab photo op, while "ILYSM" is short and sweet).

Fab photo wall


The vibe: Galentine's group photo shoot = a shared VSCO aesthetic to last until spring.
What you need: Pink sequined fabric and a festive balloon arch (find one on Etsy). Add red wall streamers or shimmery foil, plus large confetti pieces (and, yes, more balloons) for the sparkle your squad ~so~ deserves.

Kisses & hugs


The vibe: Candy heart table-toppers to complete your brunch bar mood.
What you need: Wooden "X" and "O" letter cutouts from your local craft shop and conversation hearts from the grocery store. Carefully hot glue the candies in rows until the letter are totally covered. Shine on, crafty queen.

Brunch babes

The only love language here is food

Waffle wonderfulness


Waffles for the win! Heat up an iron and stir together your fave mix (try Stonewall Kitchen Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix, $18). Then spread out toppings galore: Red berries, shredded coconut, colorful sprinkles, white chocolate chips, powdered sugar and whipped cream (plus maple syrup, ofc) make for an amazingly aesthetic and equally delicious treat. Serve OJ and pop sparkling apple cranberry juice for some yummy sips.

Yogurt board


Pass the parfaits, pls. This trendy breakfast spread requires practically no prep—just empty a large container of vanilla Greek yogurt into a serving bowl and place on the center of your board. Next, add some fresh fruit like cut strawberries, blueberries and bananas. Finish off the spread with small bowls of crunchy add-ins (we heart granola, nuts and cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch). Offer a selection of flavored honeys and syrups to drizzle on top.

Soda station


Two words: Pink. Soda. And no, you don't need one of those deluxe machines to DIY a bubbly beverage. Arrange cans of Sprite or ginger ale in an ice bucket (plus a few bottles of fizzy water like Pellegrino), then set out a range of flavored syrups (we love Monin's vanilla, strawberry rose and white chocolate syrups, $10-$12 each, Garnish with whipped cream, pop in a striped paper straw and top with a cherry. We'll just call you Shirley Temple.

Amaze activities

Add these gal pal bonding seshes to your schedule ASAP.


PowerPoint party
The goal: Get down to giggles
The guide: Have each of your besties prep a slideshow on a swoon-worthy topic of their choosing. A deep dive into all their childhood crushes, perhaps? Or maybe you're recasting your BFFs as main characters in classic rom-coms. Hook up your deck to AirPlay and present away.

Praise posters
The goal: Share the love
The guide: Tape a poster to the wall and have a bestie sit in front of it. The rest of your squad can take turns writing compliments above her head. Snap a photo of the finished result, then have her turn around to see the sweet messages. Repeat for every gal in your group (and cue an "awww" moment).

The goal: Soak up the nostalgia
The guide: Take this old-school prediction game to a new level with a whiteboard and some dry erase markers. The twist? Your crew gets to pick your categories—and your choices. For an extra challenge, choose a theme for each bestie (coming up with future baes that all start with the letter "T" makes the game all the more exciting, don't ya think?).

Fun favors

These glowed-up gifts make for a fancy farewell.

Unicorn confetti


Since your girls are truly magical, give them the favors to match. Decorate colorful toy pails with felt flowers, ears and unicorn horns. Paint on some lovely lashes and tuck in some kisses.

Aloe you a lot


Give the gift that keeps on growing. Pick plants for each of your pretty ladies (we love a little succulent!) and stick a Valentine's message on each one (and don't be scared to get punny, hunny...because you're a succ-er for your girls).

There's no one you love s'more


Let's be real: Your friends are the ones who make your heart melt. Stuff a bag with graham crackers, tiny chocolate bars and fancy heart-shaped marshmallows.

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