Channel your inner teen witch with this Sabrina Spellman-inspired bedroom makeover

It's officially spooky season, and that means our FYP is spamming us with Halloween content. Our fave part? All things whimsigothic! And our fave teenage witch, Sabrina Spellman, is the inspo you need to create your own whimsigothic bedroom. 

When Sabrina wasn't busy casting spells she probably shouldn't have, she was hanging out in her magical bedroom with her talking cat, Salem.

From fairytale-feeling decor to dark and gothic tones, we're here to help you decorate your very own whimsigothic bedroom that'll really make you feel like you have magic at your fingertips.

So jump on your broomsticks and follow us as we give your space a spellbinding makeover...

Celestial motifs

Metal sun and moon windchime, $16 | Celestial wall sculpture, $49 | Sun and moon mat, $18 | Sun and moon metal wall art, $70 | Crystal window suncatcher, $15

What's more magical than all things Outer Space? Whether it's suns, moons or stars, bringing celestial motifs into your room (in the form of wall art or trinkets) will make you feel like you can escape the stressors you have on Earth.

Fun bedding

Moon and sun throw, $30 | Vintage celestial baroque pillow cover, $10 | Quilted throw, $43 | Dark green velvet pillow cover, $14

Who doesn't love surrounding themselves with comfy pillows while they snooze? Sabrina always had cute blankets on her bed—and after seeing all the trouble she gets into? We def understand her needing a cozy place to rest. Bring in the velvets in dark, moody tones for *major* gothic vibes. Vibrant patterns and quilted textures will give your space a homier feel.

Stained glass

Black cat stained glass, $23 | Stained glass LED bulb, $23 | Stained glass window film, $40 | Stained glass lamp, $183 | Stained glass window hanging, $93​​​​​

While most of us can't have huge stained glass windows in our bedrooms, you can create a similar vibe. Through stained glass light bulbs and lamps, plus window film and suncatchers, the deep colors and twinkling lights create a whimiscal atmosphere all on their own.

Ornate frames and photos

Baroque picture frame moss green, $35 | Vintage picture frame flower design, $36 | Vintage photo grame with gold trim, $21 | Vintage frame in black and gold, $32

OK, this tip may have come straight from Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda. Their living room walls are practically covered with cool prints and intricate frames. The photo inside almost doesn't matter (though we're a fan of moody paintings or old-timey portraits)—it's all about what's on the outer edge that stands out.

Deep jewel tones

Realm Behr paint | Exotic Purple Behr paint | Cranberry Behr paint | Diva Glam Behr paint | Fresh Herbs Behr paint

Feel free to channel your creativity with this one: Deep jewel tones like sapphire blue, amethyst purple, emerald green and hints of ruby red are perfect for creating a magical ambiance. 

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by Karigan Wright | 9/28/2023