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This girl's sister exposed her major secret on FaceTime!

My family is really close with another family in our town...let's call them the Smiths for now. Anyway, the Smiths have a super-cute son my age and a daughter my sister's age, so we're always doing fun things together. I have a major crush on their son, Colin, and we took a really cute pic together last summer, which I taped to the mirror in my room. Colin's never stepped foot into my room, so I thought I had nothing to worry about—until last Tuesday when my little sis was FaceTiming with Colin's sis, Becca. I was laying on my bed reading when my sister burst into my room and told me to say hi to Becca. Becca and I were chatting when out of nowhere she said, "Colin, look! Bree has a pic of you hanging up in her room! Oooooooo!" I'm not even lying, Colin grabbed the phone and started hysterical laughing in my face. I couldn't even think of an excuse...I was totally busted. Thanks, sis!

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by GL | 4/20/2023