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We found a spring sundress for every star sign

With spring fast approaching, it's about time we added something new to our wardrobe. And with warmer temperatures, there is no better option than a flowy and versatile sundress. Perfect for dressing up or dressing down, sundresses are effortlessly elegant. If you ask us, they're practically made for meadow frolicking and garden-party-hosting. 

But with so many brands and styles available, it can be a challenge to find what dress suits you. Thankfully, we've rounded up a sundress for each star sign, so you can easily find a fit that matches your individual aesthetic. To quote our fave Taylor Swift, you'll be "spinning like a girl in a brand-new dress" in no time. 


Billabong, $51

Aries gals are the epitome of boldness, so it's no wonder why this striking, tropically-inspired dress is ideal for fire sign girlies. The warm floral tones in combination with the delicate sleeves and square neck is a totally ambitious fashion move, but also totally something only an Aries girl could pull off. 


Abercrombie & Fitch, $80

As a Taurus, you value your self-care time (think relaxing near the blooming flowers). This light blue color gives *all* the calm vibes—just like you! You're warm and extremely patient, making you an ah-mazing friend. 


Target, $28

Geminis are curious and playful—and they love to rock bright and bold patterns. This butterfly dress is *perfect*, and we know you'll have the most fab accessories to add. Keep living life to the fullest!


Altar'd State, $70

You are selfless and care deeply for others. Cancers are sensitive and have a soft side, so we suggest this sweet, white eyelet dress. Imagine wearing it while hosting a spring picnic in the park with your besties (we can't wait to see the Insta pics)!


Free People, $78

If there's one thing to know about Leos, it's that they love attention. Girls like you loooove the spotlight, and luckily, this electric green dress will give you all the double-takes and head-turns. You'll match perfectly with the springtime aesthetic of any garden get-together, and the flowy style is perf for dramatic spins. 


Pacsun, $40

Practical yet still perfectly capturing the cutesy qualities of a spring sundress, our Virgo pick shows off the smart style of our fave hard-working sign. The floral is totally on-brand for the occasion, but you manage to keep it classy with a black-and-white color scheme too. 


Lucy in the Sky, $60

Elegant and flirty, this dress just *screams* Libra vibes. The babydoll cut is a balanced look, which goes perfectly with your harmonic energy. And that adorable light pink fabric? Everyone will be asking where your fit is from—a dream for any social butterfly!


H&M, $50

With their edgy style, it can be hard for some Scorpios to find the perfect dress for an event like a springtime garden party. But with this geometric sundress, you just have to show it off. It doesn't stray from your personal style but has that signature sundress flowy-ness and charm. It also has a trendy open back, because this dress is full of surprises, just like you. 


Amazon, $26

There's nothing a Sagittarius loves more than an adventure. You are intellectual, independent and never afraid to speak your mind. So, instead of opting for a normal sundress you choose a utility romper to set you apart! 


Target, $15

You are extremely focused and ambitious—always working towards accomplishing the next goal. Since you're so dependable, you need a dress option that will never let you down. The options for styling a basic t-shirt dress are endless!


American Eagle, $70

Aquarius girls are confident in being independent. Similar to the air sign, this flowy blue maxi is free-spirited. The cut-out adds a unique touch—just like you do in your friend group! 


Roxy, $50

Empathetic, sweet and creative, Pisces girls are dreamers with a heart of gold. This cute sundress has delicate cutouts and a subtle striped pattern that reminds us of that genuineness. The dress's coastal aesthetic is also *so* fitting for the Pisces symbol—the fish!

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by Laila Mayfield and Maddy Phillips | 3/10/2023