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What artist you should start listening to, based on your zodiac sign

Struggling to find new music? Anxious for a new song to add to your playlist but tired of asking your besties for their song recommendations? We've got you covered. We'll give you a new artist to listen to based on your zodiac sign. Whether you're a Virgo or a Pisces, we have an artist that you'll *love*. 

Virgo: Kenzie

@kenzie and @photosbyeiza

Kenzie, aka Mackenzie Ziegler, may have gotten her start in a dance studio on the hit reality show Dance Moms, but these days, you can find her recording vocals for songs like "paper" and "100 degrees." Kenzie's no stranger to the spotlight, and it's no surprise that her music career is flourishing. 

Taurus: Isabel LaRosa


Isabel LaRosa is a new artist who has been all over our TikTok FYPs. Her songs are the definition of viral hits, and because of her success across social media, she will be joining fellow artist Nessa Barrett on her tour. Her song "i'm yours" has already gained over 70 million streams, which is no small feat.

Leo: The Kid LAROI

@thekidlaroi and @adamkargenian

You might recognize The Kid LAROI from his major hit collaboration "STAY" featuring none other than Justin Bieber. Not only is he collaborating with literal legends, but he's also making a name for himself as a Grammy-nominated artist with hits like "Without You" and "Love Again." The Kid LAROI's discography is also incredibly versatile.

Sagittarius: Sabrina Carpenter


From her days as a Disney star (remember Girl Meets World?) to her success in the music industry, with the release of her latest album, emails i can't send, Sabrina Carpenter is definitely an artist to look out for. At only 23, she has released five albums and has garnered hundreds of millions of streams on hit songs.

Scorpio: Lizzy McAlpine

@lizzymcalpine and @caitytakesphotos

Lizzy McAlpine is our latest obsession, and we are not alone in that! Many have taken note of Lizzy's powerful songwriting skills and her ability to convey heavy emotions in songs like "ceilings." If you were a big fan of Taylor Swift's folklore and evermore eras, you'll love Lizzy's music. Her sophomore album five seconds flat is full of powerful, hard-hitting songs that fans of Lizzy connect and relate to—and showcases exactly why we heart her. 

Cancer: Nessa Barrett


Fresh off of her TikTok success, Nessa Barrett released her debut album Young Forever in late 2022, proving that she is here to stay in the music industry. Her music touches on heavy topics, and she's not afraid to express how she truly feels in her lyrics, which is why a lot of her fans are drawn to her. Her authenticity as an artist and impeccable style make her stand out as a star.

Capicorn: Gracie Abrams


Whether it's her candid and emotional ballads or her soft yet powerful vocals, we just love Gracie Abrams. She sings from her heart, and her authentic songwriting is a big part of why so many fans feel so connected to her. She has the ability to make you feel *exactly* how she feels in a song, and that is a very special gift as a singer-songwriter. 

Pisces: Dove Cameron


From starring in Liv and Maddie to winning an American Music Award, Dove Cameron has taken her career to new heights. While we always knew she was an incredible singer, Dove has truly found her voice as an artist, with hits like "Boyfriend" and "Breakfast," both anthems of empowerment. Dove's powerful voice mixed with an upbeat, pop instrumental makes for the *perfect* track to give you the boost of confidence you need. 

Aquarius: Phoebe Bridgers


Where do we even begin to describe Phoebe Bridgers? From her brilliant songwriting to her unique aesthetic, Phoebe is an artist no one could forget. She's everywhere lately––from the cover of Rolling Stone alongside her band boygenius to a spot as an opening artist for *the* Taylor Swift during The Eras Tour.

Gemini: Steve Lacy


Steve Lacy is having a big year––and 2023 *just* started! His single Bad Habit went from chart-topping to Grammy nomination, and he even had the chance to perform the hit alongside Thunderbird during the 2023 Grammy Awards. Steve got his start as a member of the band The Internet and has proven in his solo career to be the next big thing in music. His recent album, Gemini Rights, is something everyone should immediately stream.

Aries: JVKE


From going viral on TikTok to performing alongside Alicia Keys, JVKE (pronounced "Jake") is the next big thing in music. His songs make use of classic instruments like violin and piano and give them a modern twist. His catchy yet personal ballads give us *all* of the feelings from love to heartbreak to sadness to joy. 

Libra: PinkPantheress


PinkPantheress captured our hearts with her viral bop "Just For Me" and has not slowed down from making hit after hit song. Not only are we captivated by her unique vocals, but we also heart her songwriting and production skills.

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Slider image: @sabrinacarpenter and @sophiehur via Instagram


by Mina Rahmat | 3/25/2023