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We predicted what will happen for you in 2024, according to your star sign

The end of a year inevitably means thinking about what’s ahead...and probably resolving to make changes big and small. And while every year has the potential to bring major shifts, not many of them start *and* end with Pluto (the planet that rules transformation) entering Aquarius.

On Jan. 20, 2024, Pluto leaves Capricorn and returns to airy, expansive Aquarius, almost immediately causing people to reassess who they are and everything that’s important to them. Intense much?

Yes, it can feel dramatic at points. Because Pluto represents rebirth and Aquarius encourages experimentation, prepare to question your purpose, take stock of your closest relationships and overall reinvent yourself. Simply put, you might not even recognize the person you are 12 months from now (in the best way!).

To raise the stakes even higher, Pluto goes retrograde and slides back into Capricorn from Sept. 1 to Nov. 19, making you second-guess if the changes you made are *really* right for you. But hold onto whatever revelations feel authentic: When Pluto moves back into Aquarius in November, it’s going to stay there...until 2043. So that means you could be experiencing the effects of this time for the next, um, 20 years. No pressure.

Buckle up, babes: 2024 is going to be a bumpy—and beautiful—ride.


You’re used to being seen as strong and self-sufficient, but this year will make you appreciate the value of asking others for help.

At first, everything feels normal, despite Pluto in Aquarius—Mercury and the sun are in your sign throughout March, emboldening you to speak your mind. But when Mercury enters retrograde on April 1, you find yourself feeling unsettled and losing focus. Add a new moon total solar eclipse in your sign on April 8, and it can feel like everything you know about yourself and what you want is called into question.

This is where opening up, being honest and leaning on your friends is important. Instead of pressuring yourself to be perfect, now’s the time to admit that you don’t have it all figured out. Whenever you feel confused, vulnerable or just in plain need of support, don’t suffer alone— talk to someone you trust (even if it’s scary). Sometimes the best bonds are forged not when you’re on top of the world, but when you need a little help getting your footing again.

Standout day: April 30. Mars, your ruling planet, enters your sign on this day, with Mercury arriving there a few days earlier. Now you have the words—and energy—to show up for your friends in the same ways they’ve shown up for you, strengthening your relationships.


Earth signs like you tend to do the most in a group, silently taking on more than your fair share of a class project or being the one to coordinate all the details of your next hangout.

You look low-key chill as you handle it all... even when you’re high-key stressed the entire time. But with Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus (the planet of rebellion) moving direct in your sign on Jan. 27, you’re going to question why you’re always exhausted by everyone else.

By the time Venus enters your sign on April 29 followed by a new moon in Taurus on May 7, you’re beyond ready for a confidence glow-up.

Finally, when Mercury enters your sign on June 9, you’re more compelled than ever to take the bull by its horns. That can include being more upfront when things seem unfair—or even just sitting back, treating yourself to some self-care and letting someone else handle the planning for a change. Instead of always being the one making the magic happen for others, you’re going to make it happen for yourself.

Standout day: Jan. 27. This is the day you decide to finally start standing up for yourself in all your relationships and discovering what you actually want.


Geminis are known for having flexible personalities, making them get along with almost anyone. But what gives Geminis a bad rap is the feeling that they’re never truly genuine. Ironically, sometimes being more opinionated (even when others disagree) forges stronger bonds because people trust that what they see is what they get.

Venus enters your sign on May 23, boosting your self-esteem and inspiring you to try something new. A new moon on June 6 is the perfect time to test the waters by sharing some more honest thoughts with friends.

It’s going to feel super freeing, but this big change won’t be without its mishaps. When impulsive Mars enters Gemini on July 20, you might go too far and accidentally hurt a friend’s feelings. Plus, there are going to be people who are surprised by your truth-telling and want the old you back. But as long as you accept that you can’t please everyone, you’ll meet people who appreciate the *real* you—and there’s no better feeling than that, trust.

Standout day: May 25. Mercury (the planet of communication) enters your sign and gives you an amazing midsummer boost.


Cancers are often seen as being closed off emotionally, but that couldn’t be further from the truth: Just because you’re shy or struggle to verbalize your feelings doesn’t mean you don’t have them. Similarly, just because you’re not always the most effusive over text doesn’t mean you don’t care about your friends.

Pluto in Aquarius invites you to re-imagine how you show up for people and express your true self...on *your* terms. This energy is magnified when Venus enters your sign on June 17, making you feel more in tune with your love and appreciation. When your season starts on June 20, followed by a new moon in your sign on July 5, you start exploring new ways to show your closest crew how much they mean to you.

Maybe you build on a hobby and start making crafty DIYs for your friends. Or you open up to the group chat about the fact that you prefer spontaneous FaceTime calls to texts...then follow up and make it happen. When action-focused Mars enters your sign on Sept. 4, you’ll get the push you need to put these new friendship personas out into the world.

Standout day: July 5. You’re ruled by the moon, so when the new moon falls on your sign, it gives you a much-needed wave of excitement and motivation to embark on big changes.


Leos love the spotlight—or, at least, they’re constantly told they should bask in the attention they generate. But the expectation to always be a leader or solo performer can leave you feeling a bit lonely.

Your next bestie bond is likely to come from taking on a project together. That’s why Pluto in Aquarius inspires you to look for friends who share your creative energy, dynamic spirit and vibrant personality. You’ll go after a goal as a duo, like planning a party, auditioning for show choir or starting an Etsy business. When the full moon enters your sign on Jan. 25, it makes you reflect on your current friendships: Are there any pals you want to get to know on a deeper level and pull into your orbit?

If no one comes to mind, Mercury entering your sign on July 2 inspires you to form an unexpected new connection. By Aug. 4, when the new moon enters Leo, you may have a cool collaboration taking center stage in your life—making you feel bolder than ever and genuinely excited to share the limelight.

Standout day: Nov. 3. Mars enters your sign, pushing you into action. Expect an extra burst of energy toward any project you’re pursuing—especially one with a performance or presentation component.


No one can do it all...but Virgos sure try anyway. Beyond school and extracurriculars, Virgos bring this dynamic to their relationships, stretching themselves thin to show up for everyone they can (and, tbh, getting a little miffed when the effort isn’t reciprocated).

When the full moon enters your sign on Feb. 24, it’ll force you to take a close look at your life. Where are you burning out under the weight of trying to please everyone? Where do you want to draw the line—and what’s holding you back? You’ll sit on these big questions for a while, until Mercury enters your sign on July 25 and prompts you to voice some clearer boundaries.

At first, it might feel clunky. Venus enters Virgo on Aug. 4, which helps you frame your grievances politely, but Mercury going retrograde in your sign a day later might lead to a few miscommunications and awkward moments.

You’ll never make everyone happy all of the time—and this is a great opportunity to practice accepting that truth. When the new moon hits your sign on Sept. 2 and Mercury re-enters Virgo soon after, you’ll feel like you’ve rebalanced your life...because you have!

Standout day: Sept. 9. Mercury re-entering your sign during your season helps you feel confident in all the decisions you’ve made thus far.


As one of the most social signs in the zodiac, you have a hard time turning down fun. But at a certain point, committing to every after-school activity and group text can make you feel like you’re taking on way too much.
If you find yourself constantly zoning out at the lunch table or forcing yourself to power through a club meeting, the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25 will help you rethink how you spend your free moments. Just because you *can* be part of a dozen social circles doesn’t necessarily mean all those friendships are fulfilling. Time to really consider which people and extracurriculars truly sustain you.

By the end of the summer, you’ll feel renewed and newly inspired to reach out to your closest besties and communicate how valuable those relationships are to you. Then, Mercury enters your sign on Sept. 26, elevating your natural conversation skills and leading to deeper connections. By the time a new moon solar eclipse happens in your sign on Oct. 2, you’re feeling the positive energy that comes from a smaller but more meaningful crew.

Standout day: Aug. 29. Venus entering your sign makes you feel more social (aka like your old self again) after a lot of time spent figuring things out.


Scorpios are used to living in their own heads— deeply processing every interaction and quietly drawing conclusions.

While it’s great to be analytical, sometimes your approach can lead to slow-simmering resentment, especially if you’re not vocalizing when things feel off or one-sided. It’s far too easy to assume the worst when your crush leaves you on read, a friend’s playful teasing strikes a nerve or it feels like everyone’s having fun without you. That’s why Pluto (your ruling planet, btw) in Aquarius is going to push you to recognize when your feelings are hurt *and* address it in the moment.

When the full moon hits your sign on April 23, it makes you want to let go of past, unspoken conflicts. Some might be small enough to leave behind, but others might require a long-overdue conversation or (ugh) confrontation.

On Sept. 22, Venus makes any hard talks a little softer. Still need help? Mercury boosts your communication skills on Oct. 13. When the new moon enters your sign on Nov. 1, you feel like you’re starting an entirely different life: one as someone who no longer bottles everything up.

Standout day: April 23. The full moon in your sign helps you do what you do best—look inward and be honest with yourself.


A forever adventurer who’s easily bored with the status quo, when you’re not packing your day with different friend hangouts or juggling a million extracurriculars, you’re bouncing among your many interests.

But all that bustling movement causes you to miss out on the excitement right in front of you. That’s why Pluto in Aquarius challenges you to just sit still and be grateful for where you are right now. You’ll ring in the new year with Mercury in your sign—boosting your concentration to take stock of your goals and dreams for 2024. Write down what you really want to accomplish and consider what holds you back.

Is there something you hope to stick to...but worry you’re going to shift focus when it gets too boring or challenging? This is the year you’re going to stay on track and follow through.

When the full moon hits your sign on May 23, shed a few obligations from your schedule and hone in on what you really want to cultivate. Then, in the fall, Venus (Oct. 17) and Mercury (Nov. 25) entering your sign plus the start of Sag season all give you the ambition and attention to really nail whatever it is you want to achieve.

Standout day: Dec 15. Mercury re-enters your sign at the year’s end, making you feel as in tune with yourself as you did when 2024 began.


You strive for perfection and have little patience for anything less than the best. The thing is, not everyone can bring that level of precision to the table, nor should they necessarily have to (it’s very hard to compete with Caps). Pluto in Aquarius pushes you to shift your perspective. Be mindful of making quick judgments or seeing people’s flaws before their strengths.

On Jan. 4, Mars enters your sign. Right after, the new moon enters Cap (Jan. 11), followed by Mercury (Jan. 13) and Venus (Jan. 23). This powerful combination makes you feel unstoppable in going after goals...and not exactly sympathetic toward anyone who can’t keep up.

But that all changes with back-to-back full moons in your sign on June 21 and July 21. You might experience some rifts and challenges, but you’re not alone: Pluto going retrograde pushes you to notice the amazing qualities your friends and family have—and appreciate how much those people (and their consistent support) enrich your world. By the end of the year, Venus back in your sign on Nov. 11 and the start of your season in December have you majorly celebrating the new way you love and lift up those around you.

Standout day: Oct. 11. Pluto moving direct in your sign marks the end of a topsy-turvy time and gives you clarity to move forward.


With Pluto in your sign, you’re about to have one of the most transformative years of your life as you recognize your passions, push out of your comfort zone and embrace the unexpected.

Your season starts the same day Pluto enters your sign, and you’re immediately going to feel something massive has shifted. Mercury enters your sign on Feb. 5, followed by a new moon on Feb. 9. This is a good time to go after whatever’s been low-key lingering in the back of your mind: that internship application, club leadership position or volunteer opportunity. Mars entering Aquarius on Feb. 13 propels you toward this new goal and gives you the courage to go for it.

Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing. Pluto goes retrograde on May 2, making you question your passion. The full moon in your sign on Aug. 19 will give you clarity on what’s working and what’s not—which means you may need to make some tough choices.

But when Pluto returns on Nov. 19, it helps you realize that you’ve been on the right path all along—and it’s one you’ll likely stay on for decades to come.

Standout day: Nov. 19. When Pluto re-enters your sign, it’s here to stay. And you might have just discovered a future career path or lifelong interest.


Pisces is often characterized as the artsy dreamer. While you may not necessarily be drawn to creative endeavors, you can still fall into far-out fantasies...without actually knowing how to make them come true.

Pluto in Aquarius encourages you to bring your dreams into reality. Your season begins on Feb. 19, with Mercury entering your sign on Feb. 23. With fresh resolutions in hand, this is a great time to form a game plan, reach out for support and anticipate obstacles. Then, when Mars enters your sign on March 22, it’s go time.

Be warned: Things may get wonky. Saturn (the planet of structure) goes retrograde in your sign on June 29, making it hard to stick to your plan. You may feel like giving up entirely—especially when your ruling planet, Neptune, also enters retrograde in your sign on July 2.

Try to stay on course. On Sept. 17, there’s a lunar eclipse in your sign that can help clarify where you might need to fine-tune. A few months later, Saturn moves direct in your sign on Nov. 15, followed by Neptune on Dec. 7, allowing you to finally hit milestones you never thought possible.

Standout day: Dec. 7. Your ruling planet entering your sign and joining Saturn is a powerful pairing—aligning your day-to-day routines with your wildest dreams.

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