Eat Right

Give it a try! Delicious Icelandic yogurt

On the yogurt front, I went Greek a few months ago. My fridge was filled with Fage and all was good.
Until I stepped into a local café and ordered up Icelandic yogurt. OMG, amazing! This stuff is way-thick (like froyo but, um, not frozen). For a while, I was too scared to google the nutrition info, for fear that it was a caloric nightmare.
Turns out, the folks in Iceland work magic with skim milk, making the yogurt a WAY healthy snack (100 calories for six ounces).
Ya don't have to live in my neighborhood to taste this treat. I recently purchased Siggi's Icelandic-Style Skyr Strained Non-Fat Yogurt at Whole Foods. The downside? It costs about $2 bucks a pop (which is more than double some American brands). I've only had the plain version but topped off with some cereal and blueberries, it was a super-filling breakfast.
by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016