We're all ears for this new wellness trend

Finding the right way to manage and maintain your mental health can be difficult at times. Luckily there are (almost) endless new ways to do so, including something called a Soundbath. A Soundbath is a form of meditation done with a group in a comforting environment that uses sounds (duh!) to calm your mind and bring you to a peaceful state. Jamie Ford, owner of a Soundbath studio in Los Angeles, explains that Soundbaths are used to reach a “more focused and relaxed mind and body... less aches and pains, less depression and anxiety, an amazing night of sleep and great enjoyment of life in general.”

If you’ve ever known someone who meditates on a regular basis, a Soundbath is similar–it's described as a healing experience where gongs and singing bowls are used to create unique sounds and vibrations. A bath studio is setup similar to a yoga studio: mats or towels are laid on the floor in rows and an instructor is at the front of the room. During the Soundbath, the participants lie on the floor in a comfortable position and typically close their eyes, simply listening to the music created by the instructor. Some fall asleep during the experience, but the most important part is to focus on the music.

The sounds are put together with the primary purpose of taking you on a mental journey, so the instruments are used to ensure that specific wavelengths will have a positive impact on your state of mind. Try thinking of it this way: going on a run releases endorphins in your brain that make you happier. Experiencing a Soundbath is similar in that it releases chemicals in your brain to bring you to tranquility. The secondary purpose of the Soundbath is to increase self-awareness and energy. 

If you've been having trouble sleeping or deal with general anxiety or depression, this trend might be something to try out. Keep in mind that frequency is key: this form of meditation should be done as often as possible in order to achieve overall inner peace.

Is a soundbath something you would try? What do you think of this wellness trend?

Photo credit: Dr. Sally Kleinbart.

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by Julia Selsky | 7/19/2016