What to know about aloe vera

Aloe Vera, commonly known as the *wonder* plant, has many benefits which include treating sunburns and stimulating hair growth. Aloe is a very affordable plant in which you should consider incorporating into your daily lifestyle and here's why.

1. Treats sunburns

You just laid out in your pool after a long day, and you realize you have a sunburn, ouch! Use a piece of chilled aloe and place it directly on areas of irritation to provide immediate relief for moderate sunburns. It can even prevent your skin from peeling due to its moisture.

2. Stimulates hair growth

Aloe contains vitamins A, C, E which contribute directly to hair growth and shine. Using aloe on your hair can prevent itchiness, your hair from falling out and reduce dandruff. Talk about a triple threat. 

3. Keeps produce fresh

Hello to all veggie lovers, by slathering aloe on your produce, it can help prevent the spread of unfavorable bacteria from growing on your produce. Aloe is a natural alternative that guarantees a longer shelf life for your produce, without the use of chemicals.  

4. Improves skin 

Aloe boasts immediate skin benefits because it is a natural moisturizer and contains antibacterial properties which can help fight against skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. 

5. Improves oral health

Happy mouth, Happy life! Researchers have found aloe vera to be a natural substitute for chemical-based mouthwashes. Ingredients in aloe can combat the toughest plaque and help ease swollen or bleeding gums. 


by Samantha Dorisca | 8/14/2020