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Is sleeping in a bra bad for you? Plus 5 other bra myths, debunked


Let’s be real, bras are confusing. There are more sizes than anyone can count and there are so many different kinds. To make a delicate subject even more confusing, there are tons of bra-umors swarming around the internet and your friend group. To calm your nerves about your pair, we’ve busted the top six bra myths below.

Myth #1: Your bra size is the same in every store. 
Just like dresses, pants and well, everything, bra sizing varies by brand. So when you try out a new bra brand, be sure to try on the bra, too. You could easily go up/down a cup or band size just based on how it's made.

Myth #2: White bras don’t show through clothing.
It sounds contradictory, but white bras under light-colored or thin shirts are normally very visible. When you’re trying to keep your bra’s color a secret, opt for a skin-toned color instead.

Myth #3: Sleeping in a bra causes breast cancer.
Once upon a time, a couple of doctors thought that bras trapped toxins inside of you, and these toxins caused breast cancer. So wearing your bra too long or overnight was taboo. However, this is not true and there was never any proof to back up this theory. If you’re more comfortable wearing a bra to bed, then go for it.

Myth #4: Never taking off your bra makes your boobs perky.
Again, there’s no scientific evidence to back this up. If you’re looking to perk up your chest, the best thing you can do is get properly fitted for a bra (many lingerie stores like Victoria's Secret or even Nordstrom offer free in-store bra fittings).

Myth #5: Training bras make you develop faster.
Training bras help girls get used to wearing a bra, but sporting a training bra does *not* cause boobs to appear overnight. Breasts develop at their own rate, and the bra you wear won’t change that, promise.

Myth #6: Once your breasts stop growing, you never have to go bra shopping again.
Unfortunately, bras don’t last forever. They get worn out and no longer support your chest. If the elastic is stretched out or the cups aren’t keeping the girls in check, it’s time to part ways with your bra.

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by Aly Prouty | 8/28/2019