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How to beat dry skin this winter

Cold winter weather is back in town, and so is dry skin. 

Dry, sensitive skin can be triggered by external factors like the changing seasons. Your skin might be lacking the natural oils it needs to keep itself hydrated. So...Is your skin red, itchy, flaky or feeling tight?

We *know* that it's inevitable, but dealing with it all winter isn't. Your skin might be especially dry this season (hello—lots of handwashing!) or you could be experiencing this for the *very* first time. No matter what, you deserve to feel confident and healthy in the skin you're in. 

With the help of Hannah, a certified esthetician, we're giving you the top products, routines and advice for girls dealing with winter-related dry skin, and we're here to help you beat it. 

Perfect your skincare routine

In order to defeat dry skin, you *need* to develop a skincare routine full of nourishing and hydrating products for day and night. Hannah recommends: 

Helpful tips: Double cleanse in the morning *and* at night to remove makeup oils and dirt from your skin. Use an oil cleanse first then a water based cleanser. 

Hannah says that serums (like this one) should be mixed with moisturizer so it's not too harsh on the skin. 

Use products made for dry skin

Make sure you use products made for dry skin—this is important for staying hydrated and moisturized. Cleansers saying "normal to oily" aren't your friend.

We recommend using products contaning hyaluronic acid (to retain water and keep your skin hydrated) and gylcerin (for moisture). 

Hannah's fave affordable brands are CeraVe and Dermalogica

Stay away from certain products

It's important to know which products to use and what to steer clear of. It's recommended to avoid most alcohols, added fragrances (for sensitive skin) and foaming facial cleansers. 

Foaming facial cleaners might seem *super* fun and the right thing to use, but they actually aren't. If your skin feels tight and squeaky clean after you use it, you're *definitely* using the wrong product. Try to stick to gel and water-based cleansers instead. 

Keep your body moisturized

Your face—and body—need to stay moisturized all season long. Keep a good moisturizing lotion handy at all times (like this one!). Lather it on the drier parts of your body after showers and baths. Carry chapstick in your backpack and *always* use hand lotion after washing your hands. 

Change your habits

You might have to change your habits, especially this winter: take shorter showers with lukewarm water, minimize soap in cleansers (not hand soap!) and don't scratch. I know, it's hard not to, but we promise it will make all the difference. 

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser, $11

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by Allie Lijewski | 12/28/2020