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How to show yourself some love on your period

From cramps to headaches to random mood swings, it's no secret that periods can be a real buzzkill. The good news? With a little TLC, that time of the month can become a little less awful. Ofc, self-care is always super important, but it's *especially* crucial to give yourself the extra love you deserve while on your period. Say bye-bye to despising this totally normal bodily function and hello to getting through (and maybe even appreciating) your period with some self-love. 

Unwind with PMS yoga

Breathe in...and breathe out. From easing anxiety to making cramps more bearable, yoga can work wonders. Check out this video that's specifically for PMS. We could practically stay in child's pose forever.

Tune into your cravings

Whether it's midnight Oreos (hey...we've all been there) or an extra scoop of greens with dinner, eating what you crave is a great way to show yourself some love. Listening to your body is uber-important—chances are, it's telling you what it needs. Plus, as your body's working hard (it's *literally* shedding), there's no doubt that you deserve to treat yourself.

Watch your comfort show or movie

Cozy up with your favorite blanket and press play on the show or movie that *always* brings an instant smile to your face. Grant yourself permission to take a total break from the stresses of completing your day-to-day tasks while bleeding. Truly slowing down will make you feel sooo much better. 

Take a hot bath 

Soak your worries away with a hot bath. Not only will the heat help with cramps, but soaking will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Use essential oils

Essential oils can help with cramps, headaches, name it. Plus, nothing beats feeling like a flower. 

Talk to a friend

Sometimes, the best way to show yourself some love is to reach out to a bestie because, tbh, no matter how hard being on your period may feel, you are certainly not alone in this struggle. Leave it to a rockstar bestie to have your back. If you FaceTime or text with a friend who can relate, give advice or just cheer you up with a funny meme, you're bound to feel better.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 2/18/2022