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4 pads for an easier period

Periods can be a very tough time—emotionally and physically. And let's face it: The right period products can make *all* the difference when you're dealing with your cycle. Time to discover the comfiest pads for your flow...

Honey Pot


Honey Pot is a herbal sanitary pad made from pesticide-free organic cotton infused with essential oils. The pads have aloe vera, lavender, rose and mint oils (no artificial fragrances here, win!). These oils help soothe and reduce irritation—and some pads even help create a cooling sensation. Ahh.


Rael organic cotton cover pads are known for being super absorbent. These soft pads are made without harsh chemicals—so you won't experience any irritation. This brand even has an on-the-go heating patch to help relax your muscles and provide cramp relief throughout the day.  

Nanno Pad 


NannoPads are created with "Nannogenic technology" that actually reduces menstrual discomfort in a natural way. The pads contain a unique blend of concentrated particles that emit far infrared energy, which can help relieve cramps and other icky period symptoms. These pads also minimize odor and bacteria and have ultra-thin triple layers (with wings, ofc).



August is a sustainable period care brand. You can build a customized box just for your period needs—you even get to choose the amount of pads and liners you need for the month. There's no plastic in the product, making for a comfy pad that's soft and breathable.

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by Ti'Ja Taylor | 1/7/2023