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Here's how to be kind to your hormones

Hormones (aka the chemical messengers in your body) can have bigger effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being than you may realize. There are over 50 different hormones in your body, all serving different purposes. Some (like estrogen) control your menstrual cycle, while others (like thyroid hormones) control other parts of the body such as your metabolism. Having an imbalance in hormones can become dangerous, so it can't hurt to improve your hormone health in a preventative way. Wondering how you can ensure your hormones stay balanced? We've got you covered. 

Exercise daily 

Exercise increases hormone receptor sensitivity, meaning that it can enhance the delivery of nutrients and hormone signals. Plus, physical activity increases endorphins, which are basically happy chemicals. Not sure where to start? Workout inspo right this way...

Eat enough protein

It's *super* important for you to get enough protein, especially if you're still growing. When you eat protein, you give your body the amino acids necessary for the production of specific hormones, including growth hormones. If you think you need more protein meals in your life, we've got you covered.

Lower sugar intake

Ahh sugar...who doesn't heart it? But too much of it can cause your body to form a resistance to certain hormones. Remember: it's all about balance! Of course you deserve a yummy treat every once in a while, but just be sure you aren't downing tons of sugary drinks or foods daily. 

Focus on gut health 

Gut health might seem like a weird or random thing to focus on, but it can have bigger effects on your health than you might realize. Your gut is the place that absorbs nutrients needed to produce hormones, so this is your sign to take good care of it! Make sure to eat your colors—fruits and veggies are the way to go.

Reduce stress

It's time to cultivate more zen energy into your life, ASAP. When we feel stressed, hormones like cortisol (aka the stress hormone) increase in production. We definitely recommend incorporating some meditation into your life to regulate cortisol levels. 

Get enough sleep 

Sleep is one of the best things you can possibly give your body. Growth hormones, which help your body grow and repair itself, increase while you sleep. And if you haven't been getting enough Z's lately? That could be a sign that you just need a cozier bedtime routine.

What's the first thing you're planning to try to be kind to your hormones?
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by Eva Mandelbaum | 3/12/2023