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4 amazing bra brands for big-chested girls

Picture this: You're at the mall with your BFFs to find the perfect bra to go with your baby blue strapless dress. You look through every bra in the undergarments aisle, just to find that they only carry cup sizes A through C! Ugh.

If you're a big-chested girlie, you *know* how hard it is to find bras in your size in stores. On the off chance that you do find your fit, they're usually not as cute as the smaller sizes—and it's exhausting, tbh.

Check out these four inclusive bra brands we're obsessed with—and that prove you don't need to sacrifice style to find a bra that fits.

1. Freya

Sonic High Impact Underwire Sports Bra, $28.99 - $72

According to the National Library of Medicine, large breasts are considered to be cup sizes equal to or greater than D or bra sizes equal to or greater than 18. Freya bras are known for creating fashionable yet fitting bras for women with bigger cup sizes from DD+ up to a K cup! They make a variety of bra styles such as sports bras, plunge bras, lacey bras and T-shirt bras.

This underwire sports bra is one of their bestsellers that ensures your boobs stay in place when working out. It comes in styles ranging from leopard print to hot pink.

2. Knix

WingWoman Contour Bra, $64

Knix is well known for comfortable, wireless bras. This bestselling wireless contour bra with a size range up to 42G is made to fit the shape of your body and includes light padding. It also comes in colorful shades like midnight blue, berry purple, rose water pink and more. Worried about side boob coverage and overspill? DW, they've got that covered (pun intended)!

3. Gossard

Superboost Lace T-shirt Bra, £15.20 = $16.71

We all could use at least one good push-up bra, and this British brand has got it. Gossard's detailed T-shirt bra gives a natural lift, includes light padding and can be worn under clothes without any visibility due to the smooth shape. It also comes in shades platinum, black and nude with cup sizes up to 38G. 

4. Fantasie

Smoothing Strapless Bra, $70

If you're someone that hearts halter tops, sweetheart neckline dresses or spaghetti strap tanks, then this Fantasie underwire strapless bra is for you. This versatile bra comes in nude and black and includes adjustable straps that can be converted to criss-cross and halter. The size range goes up to 42G and has a smoothing, firm fabric that makes for a seamless fit. 

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by Danielle Phillip | 9/8/2023