Dear Carol

"I know I have to stop eating so much, but I can't"

Dear Carol,
When I'm bored, I eat, and if someone tells me to stop, I feel fat and start crying. My mom called me chubby the other day and I broke out in tears. I know I have to stop eating the way I do, but I can't. My family is going through a hard time and it makes me feel better to eat—at least I think it does. I need help to get back on track.
—Can't Stop Eating

 Dear Can't Stop Eating,
Give yourself credit for recognizing that you're ready to change this pattern. Your mom probably isn't tring to hurt your feelings; she's trying to help you be healthy and happy. You say it makes you feel better to ear—but since you took the time to write me, my hunch is that overeating also makes you feel worse. Forget diets and being mad at your family. Start making more healthful choices, add regular exercise to your routine and get involved with some extra activities. If you take better care of yourself now, you'll look and feel better this very summer. 

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by GL | 1/2/2017