Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friend keeps blowing me off!"

Dear Carol,
I became friends with a new girl last year and we became really close, but then her family relocated. But before she moved, we'd make plans and she'd blow me off. The week she was leaving, she even stood me up, so that last time I saw her—I didn't even know it would be the last time for so long. Anyway, now we're best friends on Snapchat. For months now, I've had a countdown going for the day she'd visiting for summer break. We made plans to invite all our girls to go out to eat. About an hour ago, she sends me a Snapchat. She says that a different group of kids asked her to go to a different restaurant—and she asked if I wanted to go with them instead. She knows I don't like them and they're mean to me, but she just said it's a "chill group." Well, I'm not chill with this at all, and somehow I even think I saw this coming. Please help me before she comes home!
-Blown Off Again

Dear Blown Off Again,
Ouch. I'm so sorry. But in your gut, you knew this friend was big on breaking plans from the start. She's not worth your heartache. I hope you can find and focus on nice girls who value your company, rather than this here-today, gone-tomorrow girl. As for the get-together, do not show up at the restaurant sad and hurt. Either take a pass or hold your head high and try to show these girls you're fun and confident—and not just at the beck and call of Two-Faced Tootsie. To make new friends, start with a smile and a compliment. Also, try joining a new summer activity or school group in the fall (theater, student council, anything) and showing interest in other kids. They'll show interest back. The world is filled with girls who'd like to meet you, so don't forget to say hi. Reach out to kids who are one grade older and younger, too. And notice the shy kids. Your new social life may be one smile away.

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by GL | 6/24/2017