Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, should I accept my body as-is or try to 'fix' it?"

Dear Carol, 

Recently I've been struggling with eating less than I should. I'm already underweight for my age, but I don't have a flat stomach and that really bothers me. I don't know if I should try to accept that this is how my body looks or try to "fix" it.

- Struggling With Eating

Dear Struggling With Eating, 

Thanks for trusting me with this concern. If you are underweight and struggling with eating, I very much encourage you to do your best to eat healthfully. You know you need to, which is why you wrote me. Better to be healthy rather than worry excessively about whether your stomach is flat. (Whose stomach is really flat?) It's also a brain drain to obsess about weight and body stuff. So please work on loving your one and only body and taking care of it—not trying to fix it and making yourself sick. Talk to a parent or trusted adult who can offer guidance. 

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by GL | 4/2/2022