Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I get jealous when I go on Instagram"

Dear Carol,

I can't help it. I get really jealous whenever I see other people's fun photos on Instagram. I think I'm leading a boring life. 

- Jealous

Dear Jealous,

It's best not to compare your insides with someone else's outsides. Like everyone else, I post happy vacation photos, but no one is happy or on vacation 24/7. Also, you say, "I can't help it," yet I'm afraid I disagree. We all have some control over our attitudes and emotions. If scrolling turns into compare-and-despair, put away your phone. Ask yourself, "What else could I be doing right now?" Then do it: Dive into a book, watch a movie, walk a dog, go for a run, bake a blueberry pie. School's over, so shake things up with or without friends. A picnic? A trip to a nearby city or lake? After sophomore year, a new BFF and I realized that we both had cousins in the same state, so we visited them—our first plane trip without parents. Can you explore volunteer or job options? Be friendly and polite and get the word out that you're smart and hardworking. Sometimes a friend of a friend or a neighbor or cousin can offer a key that may open an important door.

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by GL | 6/21/2022