Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm worried about feeling left out by my friends"

Dear Carol,

Two of my friends are junior counselors at the same camp this summer. I'm worried about feeling excluded and them becoming better friends than I am with each of them. They come back in three weeks.

- My Friends Are At The Same Camp

Dear My Friends Are At The Same Camp,

Why not send them each a sweet care package (think: her fave snacks and candy, fun hair accessories cool nail polish, a cute lip gloss). Counselors, like campers, love snail mail (and thoughtful gifts!). And yes, after they get back, there may be times ahead when you'll have to roll with it as they share an inside joke or story about a camp ritual. But I bet you made a summer friend, too? A teammate? A new neighbor? Still not too late. Who knows, your counselor pals may occasionally wonder if they're missing fun times back home. My hope is that you can all stay friends even as you continue adding great people to your life. Since you can't prevent these two from becoming closer, try not to fight it. Truth is, it's nice when your friends get along. What's hard is when your friends dislike each other.

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by GL | 8/3/2022