Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I want to shave my legs, but I'm scared"

Dear Carol,

I want to shave my legs, but I'm scared. My mom bought me a razor and cream, but I chickened out at the last second. Now we have all this stuff that reminds me of shaving lying around the house and I feel pressured to start. 

- Razor Phobia

Dear Razor Phobia,

Relax. There's no hurry on this, and some girls choose not to shave at all. Don't feel you have to push yourself just because your mom bought a razor. Razors don't expire or cost a zillion dollars, so while it was nice of her to buy you one, there's no reason to feel guilty or cornered. So exhale, OK? If one day you do feel ready, use the cream and gently shave one leg then the other. Maybe in the tub?

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by GL | 1/18/2023