Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I feel bad that I like how I look better with makeup on than without it"

Dear Carol,

I just wore makeup for the first time today...and I really liked how I looked. I felt pretty. But I feel like that's a problem. I feel bad that I liked how I looked with makeup more than when it was just my bare skin. I felt a little bit like I was not entirely being my true self, I guess. Am I the only one who feels this way?

- A Little Uncertain

Dear A Little Uncertain,

You don't have to feel bad about feeling good. Ideally, you can feel attractive with *and* without makeup. As for your "true self," we're all multi-faceted. I lived in Manhattan for years, but during COVID I moved back to the nearby town where I grew up. And I kept feeling conflicted. Was I a city person or a country person? Then I remembered Walt Whitman's quote: "I am large, I contain multitudes." Fact is, we're all wonderfully complex, and if we're lucky, different circumstances bring out our different sides. There are no rights and wrongs. So if you're doing homework, no reason to wear makeup. But if you're going out and feel like putting some on, why not? (A little goes a long way.) Just remember that you are beautiful with or without the mascara. 

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by GL | 1/5/2023