Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I get over a guy who only sees me as a friend?"

Dear Carol,

There was this guy I really liked last year. Over the summer, I texted him how I felt. He responded by making it clear that he thought of me as a friend. Now, we're back at school and I see him because he's friends with my friends. He makes it so awkward because he just stares at me. And that one stare makes me feel a hundred emotions at once. I try to forget him, but then I keep thinking about him and how he could be nice. I want the awkwardness to stop, but I don't know how."

- I Still Like Him

Dear I Still Like Him,

You're describing what it feels like to like or be attracted to someone, but since this guy's not giving you a big green light, I encourage you to do your best to notice and say hi to other guys. The world is bigger than just you two. It's fine that you and he share friends and even that you told him you liked him. But you have to set yourself free. Love yourself, not him. Look, if things evolve between the two of you someday, OK. But I don't want you to stay stuck on a silent starer. I want the guy you like to be delighted that you like him. Change the channel in your mind. You can do it. Really.

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by GL | 10/26/2022