Dear Carol

A sweaty sitch

I am 13 and I have a problem with my body that I don’t want to ask anybody else about. I think it’s something that I can control, but I am clueless on how.

My armpits sweat so much even though I wear deodorant and shave. Is it just me? I need to know how to stop it and soon!

Today at school I wore a tight orange shirt and I got big wet spots under my arms. It happens every day! It’s not because of heat because I sweat when it is cold. Help!

-Big Wet Spots

Dear B.W.S.,

You can’t control how much you sweat, and shaving does not affect sweating. While you’re waiting for your hormones to settle down, keep taking morning showers, and wear clean cotton or well-ventilated clothes (dampness shows less when shirts are loose and dark or patterned) or wear a light absorbent undershirt so telltale spots won’t show.

Antiperspirants fight perspiration whereas deodorants fight odor, and you can find a product that does both. You can also discuss this with your doctor.

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by Carol Weston | 2/1/2016