The best ways to be your friends' biggest cheerleader

It's no secret that we love our friends. They make us laugh, celebrate our successes and give us those 10/10 pep talks when everything seems to be going wrong. So yeah...our friends are amazing. Sometimes, though, we forget to show our friends how much we love and appreciate them. Here are some of the best ways to make sure all that love you feel on the inside gets translated to your number one girls IRL! 

Keep an eye on the cal

One of the first steps to being a fab friend is simply being aware. Whether your bestie has an algebra test on the horizon or a new season of her fave show is about to premiere, keep these dates on your radar and be ready to hype her up when the time is right. Cue the "YOU GOT THIS MATH QUEEN!" text—that extra boost of confidence could be just what your BFF needs to secure the A+.

Jot down their dreams

It's inevitable that as you and your friends grow closer (or as you grow up together, for the lifelong pals), you learn much more about one another's interests, hopes and dreams. While these topics may come up lightly or randomly during a lunchtime convo, try and make a mental note of your besties' passions and pursuits. Knowing these things not only keeps you two close, but it can also help hold everyone in your squad accountable on the path to achieving their goals.

Stay in touch

OK, you know that one friend that you always have the best chats with on the bus, but you don't really talk with outside of school? It's time to connect with her in a new way! Maybe she always mentions how much she loves Sabrina Carpenter. Next time you're scrolling on TikTok and come across Sabrina's latest "Nonsense" ad-lib, send it along to your bus buddy! Your friend will love that the vid made you think of her, plus it shows that you care about getting to know her and her interests.

Remind them that you're there

Between exams, college acceptances, and T Swift concerts, there can be moments in life that are suuuper busy (and even moments that feel tough or stressful). Just as it's important to show up for your friends in the good times, it's equally—if not more—important to show up for them during rough patches. Give them space if they need it, but shooting them a text or leaving a sticky note inside their locker that says "I'm here if you need me" can go a long way. Grab them a cake pop when you get your Friday morning Starbies—you just might turn their day around.

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by Riley Yates | 5/3/2023