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How to slay your spring cleaning this year

It's that time of year again—spring cleaning! As we come out of winter, it's time to declutter, deep clean and head into the new season feeling refreshed. Whether you can't wait to get organizing or feel overwhelmed by *all* the stuff you have, this is your guide to slaying your spring cleaning, one dust bunny at a time...

Start small

Cleaning your place from top to bottom can sound like a daunting task. Starting small will help you tackle your cleaning bit by bit. If you're straightening up your room, begin with reorganizing your dresser. Go drawer by drawer, then move onto your closet and go shelf by shelf. Repeat this with any space you want to clean.

Breaking your to-do list down into manageable chunks will not only make it less overwhelming, but you'll also feel more accomplished about how far you've gotten. Spring cleaning really is about taking your time, so set aside a few hours a day or dedicate a weekend to get things done!

Make the *perfect* spring cleaning playlist

Nothing boosts your mood like good music! Put together a great soundtrack of your favorite songs to listen to while you clean. Make sure to have plenty of songs so you'll have a long playlist to get you through all that dusting and vacuuming.

Reorganize your closet

While it may seem obvious, reorganizing your closet based on the season will make your life a whole lot easier. As temps rise, put your heavy sweaters and big coats in the back of your closet. 

When you go through your closet, get rid of anything you won't wear. (Haven't worn it in a year? Donation bin, pls.) Repurpose old t-shirts for cleaning rags or revamp a pair of jeans. Textile waste is a huge environmental problem, so keep this in mind as you clean your space.

Try out homemade cleaning products

Many household cleaning products can contain harmful chemicals, according to the American Lung Association. Making simple cleaning solutions at home can be good for your health *and* your wallet. Most recipes call for easy-to-find ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and water.

Use these products to deep clean your surfaces, showers, drains, sinks and more. Check out these DIY cleaning product recipes from

Don't forget about the little stuff

It's easy to forget the hard-to-reach spaces or little nooks and crannies that never see the light of day, but those spaces need cleaning, too. Don't forget to wipe down your dusty blinds or dirty walls (trust, they're gross). Give your emotional-support water bottle a good scrub down. Remember to wash your backpack, tote bags and lunch boxes as well.

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by Hannah Kennedy | 4/10/2023