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14 ways to spread the love (to you!) this February

Every year, Feb. 14 feels like a rom-com...with lovesick couples falling out and making up with overly cheesy PDA—oh wait, that's just the movie Valentine's Day.

The season of love is here, and if you're as single as I am, you'll probably be enjoying the holidays alone. Not that that's a bad thing (happy couples? yuck)! The holiday should never be an excuse to curl up and hide away from the world. Instead, take a look at these 14 ways you can give love to yourself this V-Day...

Buy yourself flowers

Alexa, play "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus.

Nothing screams Valentine's Day more than flowers. What better way to celebrate than by buying yourself a bouquet? Visit your local farmers market or grocery store (we heart Trader Joe's) to browse the bouquets—or make your own. (Pro tip: Cut the stems at a diagonal and place 'em immediately in a vase of water to keep your blooms fresh for dayyyys.)



When Elle Woods was having one of the worst days of her life, she treated herself to a manicure. Take from her example and find yourself a Pauline Bonafonté to decorate your nails. Try a Valentine-themed design or a red and pink color scheme. On a budget? Give yourself a DIY mani by trying some of these at-home nail art designs!


Spa day at home

Facials + bubble bath + soft jazz music = perfection.

Spread the love to yourself by resting your body with a homemade spa day. If you have a tub in your bathroom, run a bubble bath or pop a bath bomb in for a relaxing soak. Add a nourishing face mask such as the Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask and much-needed cucumbers over your eyes—and you're all set.

Watching a rom-com

Rom-coms can be the cheesiest, most cringey movies you've ever watched on a normal day. But Valentine's Day is an exception to indulge in the guilty pleasure. If you're looking for funny, upbeat rom -oms, Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Proposal are great starting places. If you're looking for something a bit more wholesome, try To All the Boys I've Loved Before and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. If you want something that's gut-wrenching and will have you sobbing your eyes out, definitely watch 10 Things I Hate About You (Heath Ledger, you will *always* have my heart).


Cooking up a sweet treat is a great way to spread the love to yourself and your taste buds. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, baking V-Day cookies with pink chocolate chips or attempting to recreate a Pinterest heart-shaped cake can be the perfect addition to your solo celebration.


Dressing up

Even if you don't have any plans for Valentine's Day, dressing up and putting on a cute outfit can be soooo uplifting. Pick an outfit that celebrates love by mixing and matching hues of reds, pinks and whites. Brb, dressing up to go sit on my couch...

Reading a romance novel

There's no better time to pick up a swoon-worthy read, especially one with a happy ending. If you're looking for some TBR picks, take a look at some of our 2023 rom-com recommendations


Hot girl walk

Hot girl walks are the solution to all of the world's problems. If you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed, stopping everything you're doing and going outside to enjoy the fresh air for a walk can be refreshing. 

Doing yoga

Yoga is the perfect low-key exercise you need to calm your mind and take a breather to center yourself. You don't have to be flexible, and you definitely don't need to be athletic to dabble in vinyasas. Starting with simple poses if you're not flexible and working yourself up to a pilates infused workout offers restfulness and peace.

Shopping spree

Get in loser, we're going shopping. Going by yourself or with friends to shop around the mall and browse the variety of store offerings is the perfect retail therapy for spreading the love. 

Going to a museum

Now, it may not be exactly like Night at the Museum, but spending the day at your local museum is a great activity to treat yourself. From art museums to history museums, there are a wide variety of archives to choose from. Take yourself on a little date and spend a cozy evening eying the display pieces before grabbing a bite to eat.


Sleeping in

Sleeping in and starting your day late may just be one of the best ways to spread love to both your mind and your body. Let's be honest, we all could use some extra R&R this time of year. 

Start journaling about your day

While journaling seems tedious, it's beneficial to put your thoughts to paper. Try writing out a few affirmations or some hopes and dreams you have for this year.


Have a dance party

Meredith and Cristina said it best: Dance. It. Out. Blast your fave pump-up playlist and perform your own half-time show in your living room (tbh, you're basically Rihanna). So kick off your shoes, turn the speakers up to full volume and dance your heart out.

Top and slider image: @afischer91


by Megha Gupta | 2/10/2024