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5 easy ways to make extra money this year

We all love weekend shopping sprees with our besties, late-night ice cream runs and movie dates. The only problem? The cost of these fun activities can add

When you're balancing AP classes, soccer practice and college apps, it can be hard to fit in a typical job. Or maybe you're not even old enough to start a job yet. Don't worry, there are still plenty of ways you can make some extra cash without adding more to your schedule.

Start a dog-sitting business

If you love animals, this is the job for you. (Playing with pups + making moolah? Pretty much a dream.) You can post on your socials to let people know that you are available to dog-sit and have your friends share your posts to reach more potential customers. You can even make business cards to pass out to friends and neighbors. 

Sell your old clothes online 


If you recently cleaned out your closet and are wondering what to do with all of your old clothes, this is the perfect idea. There are plenty of apps such as Depop and Poshmark where you can resell your old clothes. All you need to do is sort through your old items and decide what you can sell.

Remember, the clothes need to be in good condition when you sell them. Any small stains or holes must be listed in the description of your post so the buyer knows about them. Take pictures of the pieces on a plain background with good lighting and set a price. Once your piece is posted, you just wait for an offer.

Become a tutor 


Are you a math genius? Or a talented writer? Maybe you're acing Spanish class? Whatever your strong subject might be, there is someone out there who can benefit from your knowledge. A tutoring business is a perfect way to reinforce your skills while helping others. If you love to work with young kids or are an aspiring teacher, this is the perf opportunity. 

This can apply to extracurricular activities, too—maybe you can teach your neighbor piano or help them hit a home run at their next softball game! 

Start an Etsy shop 


All those years of making friendship bracelets at summer camp are about to pay off. Etsy is a super fun way to embrace your creativity and make a profit. You can start a separate Insta account for your store to promote your products and gain a following. 

Embroidery, crochet, jewelry and paintings can all be sold on the platform—so grab your craft supplies and start selling! 


This is a classic option, but only because of how in demand it is! Chances are you know of a family with young kids and can help out by babysitting for a few hours. Ask around your neighborhood and share on social media that you are looking for a babysitting gig. If you're not ready to watch the kids completely solo, many families are also looking for a helper to watch the kids while they are working from home.

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by Alex Marek | 4/1/2024