3 study habits you need to shut down rn

Throughout the school year, you're probably faced with *tons* of tests and quizzes that you only have a limited amount of time to study for. Your after-school hours might be filled with sports practices, family commitments and social activities (those Chick-fil-A dates are important, ofc).

From soccer games to student government meetings and everything in between, you might end up forgetting how to balance it all—and about prepping for that chemistry quiz you have tomorrow. (And seriously, who wants to spend hours memorizing the periodic table?) 

The best thing you can do is study efficiently. And that means eliminating those unhelpful study habits that are *so* easy to get caught up in. Not sure where to start—and what to stop? Shutting down these three will set you up for your most successful school year yet! 

1. Studying what you already know

Before sitting down to hit the books, it's a good idea to think of a few topics that you *really* need to go over. Maybe you didn't totally understand mitosis when your biology teacher was explaining it. Or you caught yourself drifting off while your calculus teacher was doing a preview to integration. No matter what those topics were that confused you, it's important that you get them out of the way first.

Similarly, don't get in the habit of studying the topics that you're comfortable with *before* you master the ones that tripped you up. Only go back and review some of the things you're familiar with if you have time (trust us on this one, pls). 

2. Worrying about what you can't control

Once you've put the books away and are ready to rest your eyes (and do a little skincare, ofc), you might feel extra anxious about your test tomorrow. What if the study guide material you mastered doesn't help you on the test? What if there are questions that utterly stump you?

Though these thoughts are valid, they're not very helpful. Worrying about what you can't control isn't productive. All you can do is prepare the best way you know how and learn the material you think you need to. There is no point in worrying about the tricks your teacher may or may not have up their sleeve. Relax, bb—you've got this!

3. Getting too little sleep the night before

It can be *so* tempting to cram most of your studying into the night before a big test. Unfortunately, this can cut into the good night's rest that your body so desperately craves. If you think you need more than one night to review Greek myths or work on geometry practice problems, then make sure to give yourself that extra time.

We'll leave you with one last tip that can help you totally master the art of studying: Go to sleep when you're no longer being productive. You know the feeling—your eyes get droopy and you start rereading the same sentences over and over again, without really grasping what they mean. If you're finding yourself at that point, do yourself a favor and shut the books before you waste too much time not really getting anything done.

And finally, when it's all said and done, reassure yourself that you know this stuff! We believe in you, always.

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by Bella Postel | 1/24/2023