Your guide to the ultimate end-of-school closet cleanout

The end of the school year is just around the corner, making it the best time for a closet refresh. We've got all the tips for the ultimate declutter so that you can hit vacation mode ASAP...

The clothes


First things first: Take a look through your closet and think about which outfits might have to go. Maybe that cute top you bought impulsively at the beginning of the year but never touched again? Or those denim jean shorts that shrunk just a *little* too much?

But wait, don't throw them out just yet! You can upcycle your clothes into stylish trends, give them to a friend or donate them to a local thrift store. After all, a thrift shop is quite the destination for finding the most fabulous fit, so why not give yours to someone looking for just that? 

The makeup


With the new season approaching, it might be a good time to take a look at your beauty products. Perhaps you're looking to try a new sun-kissed look for the summer and need the space for that new blush, or you realized that you may have been using that one lip gloss for, well, way too long. Tbh, it might be time to check that expiration date.

Try organizing your makeup into sections by product type. It'll make it easier for your everyday routine.

The notebooks


Flip through those pages you stashed through the year and consider a few important things. If you're taking a similar class next year and think the notes would be helpful, keep it to look back on as a reference point. If you're totally done and no longer need all that info, give it to someone who is taking your class next year! You'll be a life-saver for that, trust. (The same goes for supplies and books!) And if you have some crumpled-up worksheets (we've all been there), aim for the recycling bin rather than the trash can!

Finally, declutter your mind


This time of the year can be exhausting, and you may be drained from all of those finals and, maybe a little, from the cleaning itself. But always remember to give yourself breaks and don't forget to treat yourself for making it through the year. Declutter your mind by making a journal reflection on the past few months, relaxing with a much-deserved spa day or jumping into that long-awaited beach read

How are you resetting for the summer season? 
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by Lucy Ke | 6/24/2023