How to prepare during your last week before school

OK, OK. It's the last week before school, and tbh, it can be pretty stressful. We're somewhere between feeling *so* ready to see our friends and experience school life all over again, but at the same time, we're feeling like there are still a million things to do. 

Don't worry, because we've got the important steps for prepping right here. Enjoy these last few moments of summer while you can, but check off these to-dos to enter the year with a productive mindset.

Organize it all (this includes digital items, too)


To make sure you're not scrambling to find all of your items the morning of your first day, make sure everything you need is in one place.

Paper-wise, make sure your summer homework is all done and ready to be turned in. Put the pages all in one summer assignment folder or put each subject in its own corresponding folio. Stash all your pens, pencils, erasers, sticky notes and everything school supply-related in your pencil case.


Then, consider decluttering your laptop or school device. This could mean putting any loose files into the right folders (and creating a new folder for the upcoming academic year) and deleting useless emails. Has that one store been spamming you just a little too much? Consider unsubscribing so that you can easily prioritize school-related contacts and messages.

Finally, clean your working space. You'll feel even more ready to tackle all those assignments when you have an organized desk. 

Create a set plan for school

First of all, make sure your class schedule is somewhere you can easily access. Make it your phone lock screen or put it somewhere you look at a lot often—your planner, locker, etc.

As for schoolwork, though it can be tempting to tackle all of it as it comes with spontaneous bursts of energy, it's definitely more efficient to have a concrete system. Here are a few of our ideas on how.

1. Egenda


The Egenda app is a simple way to keep track of all your homework, quizzes, tests and projects. It allows you to color code each class subject you're taking, and you can add specific assignments with specific due dates. Once you're done, you just swipe left, and the assignment will be added to your "Completed" list. It's super cool to look back after a semester and see how much you've done.

2. Notion 


Notion is a free online resource that allows you to organize basically any task. You can create calendars, note pages, course organizers and so much more to keep on track with the academic cycle. In addition, you can find plenty of free, student-made templates, and there are so many aesthetic ones available. Who knew productivity could be so fun?

3. A simple spreadsheet

Creating a Google Sheets page or Excel spreadsheet is an easy way to keep track of your homework assignments. Organize them in different columns by date or course, and use the checkbox function to mark them off when you've done it. Here's a helpful tutorial:

@maggiemuldoon this spreadsheet is my lifeline during the school year! #DoritosDareToBeBurned #school #college #collegehack ♬ original sound - MAGGIE MULDOON :)

Dare to dream big


The school year provides countless opportunities for you to reach any of the goals you start right now!

Set both personal goals and work/school-related goals. They can be little habits you want to build or distinct results you want to see in the future. Maybe you want to add 5-minute journaling to your nighttime routine or finish reading a certain number of books before the semester ends. Here's how to make 'em happen...


Creating a vision board for your goals (and life dreams) is a great way to motivate yourself. Print out your fave images, words of inspiration or quotes to add to your board, then put it in a place you'll see frequently.

@sunynewpaltz We made vision boards for the new semester! What’s on your vision board? #visionboard #dormprogram #collegelife #manifestation #goals ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus

Letter to self


Write a letter to your future self, and ask a few questions about how your goals are doing. Then, seal it in an envelope and label it with the date you plan to open it. 

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by Lucy Ke | 8/16/2023