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What Strawberry Shortcake character you are, based on your star sign

Just like you and your crew, Strawberry Shortcake and her besties bring something different and unique to the Berry Bitty City friend group. From super sweet to maybe a little sassy, creative to analytical and determined to laid back, each bestie has their own vibe. 

Wondering where you'd fit in in with the squad? Let's look to the stars and see what Strawberry Shortcake character you are!

Capricorn: Sour Grapes

While Sour Grapes has been seen as, well, a little sour, she's *way* more than that. She's competitive, energetic and persistent, just like you, Cap. 

Aquarius: Blueberry Muffin 

You are the perfect combination of smart and creative. You're confident in what you do (as you should be), and you want to make a difference. Blueberry Muffin loves to take on her biggest dreams and is clever in more ways than one. 

Pisces: Angel Cake


You're empathetic, generous and compassionate, just like Angel Cake. While being deeply emotional has the potential for disaster (like when Angel Cake's baked goods don't turn out), it's always important to be polite and kind to others. 

Aries: Raspberry Torte


You're a go-getter with a fiery personality and a sharp opinion. Whether Raspberry Torte is competing in sports or designing clothing, she always acts with the confidence of an Aries. 

Taurus: Rainbow Sherbet

We love a hardworking queen! You're determined, independent and committed. Rainbow Sherbet is a nautical adventurer with lots of knowledge.

Gemini: Lime Chiffon

There are two sides to you: the intelligent, composed side and the creative, expressive side. Lime Chiffon is the bookish girlie and loves using her skills to solve mysteries. She has moments of energetic outbursts, but she can also be serious if need be.

Cancer: Sweet Grapes

You're the sweetest of them all, just like Sweet Grapes. You're gentle and empathetic, caring for your loved ones and always giving "cute as can be."

Leo: Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap is the inventor of a "cookie maker machine," which helps her spread her love for baking with those around her. She's not only ambitious and determined, but she's also energetic and loves to spread kindness, just like a Leo.

Virgo: Orange Blossom 

Much like Orange Blossom, you're a friend of the earth. You're always there for your besties, and you'd do anything to protect them. Your dependable and loving nature is much like that of Orange Blossom—constantly looking out for the other berry girls. 

Libra: Lemon Meringue

You thrive off of social connections and have a certain kind of charm. Lemon Meringue, who owns a beauty shop on Lemon Lane, loves connecting with others.

Scorpio: Seaberry Delight


Our adventuring beach gal! You're loyal, passionate and curious.  Seaberry Delight's passion and curiosity lead her on exciting journeys where she meets new people (and sea creatures)!

Sagittarius: Strawberry Shortcake 


Our leading lady! You're bold and curious, and you take your passion and turn it into something even more exciting. Our girl Strawberry is the star of the show and her friend group, and is as energetic and passionate as you are!

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by Karigan Wright | 11/15/2023