Mom won't let me wear makeup

Everywhere I look I see friends, family and other people in school wearing eyeliner and mascara.

I've asked my mom a million times but she always says, “Why would you want that gunk on your face?”

I respect my mom's wishes, but it’s not like I would wear a ton of it. How do I convince my mom to let me wear just a little?

Hey Girl,

I get where you're coming from. Yeah, you wanna respect your mama's wishes, but this is a toughie. You feel like it's just a little makeup. But from your mom's perspective, this is a huge indicator of just how much you're growing up.

Makeup...or too make believe?

First off, I know you feel like everyone is wearing makeup,  but you gotta realize that a swipe of mascara or a pretty lip gloss is NOT the key to happiness or beauty. Yeah, yeah, it's totally over-used (but 100% true!)...inner beauty IS what counts. So, focus on the stuff that makes you feel good, like going for a jog, acing a test and helping an upset friend. Those traits—not perfectly applied eyeliner or sparkle eyeshadow—make ya special.

Bond with mom

That said, makeup, when used correctly and sparingly, is FUN. One way to persuade your mom might be to have a “girl’s night in." This way, she can teach you how to put eyeliner and mascara on the right way! This will be a good bonding sesh for the two of you, AND you'll show her that you're serious about enhancing your beautiful facial features. You don’t want to hide your eyes behind that gunk, you just want to make them sparkle more! Something like, "Hey mom, I know you really don't want me to wear makeup, but could you at least show me how-to so I know what to do when the time is right?" Asking her advice instead of whining will show her how mature you're being about the situation.


The best way to respect your mom is to be patient. Don’t push her into teaching you or keep bugging her to wear makeup if she REALLY doesn’t want you to. If she thinks you aren’t ready, just let it go and try again in a couple of months. In the meanwhile, earn HER respect by offering to do more chores, getting straight As and being there for her. You'll feel good, gain more responsibility and be a better person for it. And remember: It's your inner beauty that REALLY makes you gorgeous.

-Olga B.

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3/20/2010 7:00:00 AM
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