Get the Smoothest Shave of the Season AND Win Free Razors!

Let’s be honest, by the time June rolls around shaving is just plain annoying. But haphazardly shearing your limbs will leave ya with cuts and fuzzy patches galore.

We’ve spied a few yummy products to chic up your shower routine and make shaving a li’l less dull. PLUS, Bic is hooking 5 GL girls up with 3 sets of razors. Keep reading for all of our shave faves.

Sweeten Up
Exfoliating first means you get an extra-close glide with the razor. Lately, we’re hooked on the fruity scrubs dished out by The Body Shop. Snag this one while it’s still on sale.

Wild Cherry Body Scrub, $10,

Ditch the Soap
Every time we chat with shave experts they remind us of the perils of lathering up those legs with suds. Instead, use cream formulated products for the job. The blends by eos leave gams crazy soft.

Proceed with Caution

Changing your blades often helps you avoid cuts and bumps. Let legs breath after shaving and wait an hour before applying lotion. If you get bumps or ingrowns, use a natural gel to help heal ’em. They’re a little pricey, but get the red out stat.

Whish Flawless, $23,

Bic is giving 5 GL girls a summer’s supply of Bic Soleil Bella Shavers. CLICK HERE to enter! Hurry, contest ends July 1st.


by GL | 2/1/2016