Roll in the dough: 10 money-making ideas for girls who want to break into biz

Too young for a “real” job but desperate for some spending money? Read on for 10 ways you can start rollin’ in the dough.  

Be a mother’s helper
If you’re not old enough to babysit on your own but you’re great with kids, consider offering your services when parents are still at home. Whether Mom is cleaning the house, paying bills, running a quick errand, making dinner, working at home or simply needs a little quiet time, you can keep her tot entertained and out of trouble.

Get crafty
Lots of girls have started selling things they make locally at craft fairs or online through sites like Etsy. Talk to your parents about setting yourself up with your own craft business.

Walk dogs
Taking dogs for a stroll takes time…time that a lot of dog owners don’t have. Offer to come around and take Fido for some exercise. You can take him around the block, to a local park for some playtime or for a jog to get your blood pumping. You might even land a pet-sitting gig, which is totally sweet for animal lovers.

Grow a green thumb
‘Tis the season for gardens to be in bloom, but they don’t get gorgeous overnight, ya know. Go around your neighborhood offering services like weeding, seed planting, pruning, watering and raking.

If you love school, this is the gig for you. Smarty pants tweens and teens can help younger students understand difficult concepts. If you love books, you could teach kids how to read. If you’re a math whiz, maybe giving geometry lessons could help ya pad your piggybank.

Keep house
For adults with huge houses and little downtime, scrubbing the kitchen isn’t the ideal weekend activity. Even if you’re not up to doing the whole job by yourself, you could vacuum, sweep, dust, mop and clean windows, right?

Deliver newspapers
Night owls might wanna nix this job opp., but taking on a paper route is a classic job for young adults. You’ll get your exercise and your work over with early in the morning, leaving plenty of time for hanging with friends. Fab, right?

Make some munchies
Bake sales at local festivals, lemonade stands, concessions as local sports games and practices—everybody likes good food, right? No matter where you set up shop, make sure to clear it with whoever’s in charge of the event you plan to be working at, then target your audience wisely. Sweets for fairs, healthy nibbles for athletes.

Use your computer skills
A lot of older adults don’t know how to use technology that comes easily to you. If you’ve aced the iPhone, offer to teach someone else how to use it. If you have a blog or a website, go around to local businesses or entrepreneurs and help them get theirs off the ground. Are you a Photoshop master? Add photo retouching to your repertoire.

Go sporty
Lots of youth leagues and recreational teams need referees, ticket sellers, concession venders and other folks to keep their games running. Many of them hire kids to help out. Give the head honcho a call to see what’s available in your area.

Tell us, babes: What are you doing to make some moolah?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016