We Tried It: Rollerblading

Looking for an activity with the same benefits of running and biking? Grab your skates and helmet and get zooming with Rollerblading, our fave workout of the moment.

The Perks
Rollerblading offers you a great cardio and full- leg workout.  The side-to-side motion of pushing off the ground helps tone your hip adductors (inner thigh muscles) and hip abductors (butt muscles) two muscle groups that don’t always get the amount of love and attention they need. Rollerblading also helps keep your hamstrings, quads and calf muscles in tip-top shape as well. Plus, adding a little bit of rollerblading into your exercise regiment can help workout the muscles in your back and core to improve balance and coordination. 

The Challenge
A leisurely skate around your neighborhood or on the bike trails with friends or family is great way to get in a quick workout. Try turning the intensity of rollerblading up a notch by doing interval training by alternating between sprinting and coasting or doing basketball and volleyball suicides you normally do on the court on your driveway instead.

Chill out and get in a workout by organizing an afternoon for you and your buds to hit up an indoor ice rink. You will find the transition from wheels to blades to be fairly easy and it’s a ton of fun seeing your friends slipping and sliding everywhere.

The Precautions 
Helmets, knee, wrist and elbow pads are crucial. Wearing them definitely beats having to wear a cast for the rest of the summer or seriously injuring your noggin. Make sure to suit up and stay safe!


by Danielle Devery | 2/1/2016