Pick your passion! Win eight new titles guaranteed to get you inspired

Want to get inspired? Looking for a new hobby? We’ve rounded up eight new titles—on everything from minerals to mummies to mambo—that are perfect for all personalities. Whether you’re a brave babe, aspiring artist or a funky femme, there’s something just for Y-O-U. Read on to discover your pick!
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Pocket Genius: Rocks and Minerals

This gorge guidebook is chock full of the world’s most b-e-a-utiful gems. From sparkling diamonds to glittering fool’s gold, you’ll be dazzled by all of Earth’s rad rocks and minerals. Plus, you’ll learn some awesome scientific tidbits. Who said geology can’t be glam?

Pocket Genius: Ancient Egypt

Travel thousands of years into the past with this pocket-sized pick about one of the most interesting civilizations in history—the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians worshiped kitties and bedazzled mummies with jewels and gold (so intriguing!). And the way they built those awesome pyramids is still a total mystery.

LEGO®  Friends Brickmaster: Treasure Hunt in Heartlake City
Journey with Mia and Chloe to find the hidden treasure in Heartlake City. This cool book comes paired with more than 100 LEGO® bricks. Read the story, build the model sets and live the adventure!

Doodlepedia Pretty: A World of Pretty Doodles and Fabulous Facts

The ultimate sketchbook! This fab pad puts life’s paintbrush into your hands. Design dresses and jewels, decorate cupcakes and butterflies, draw dolphins or dancing ballerinas. Almost everything under the sun is yours to recreate into a masterpiece all your own.

Moshi Monsters

Discover the zany world of Moshi Monsters. Mix and match fun stickers and discover a new way to play with the cute characters you know and love. This super sticker collection has over 1000 pieces—and they’re all reusable.


Horses: The Ultimate Treasury

This ah-mazing book has everything you will ever need to know about horses and pretty ponies. You’ll get the history of the most majestic animal on the planet—plus info on how to care for and love each individual breed.


Tap, tango, twist and trot your way through this guide to all things dance. Learn about traditional moves across the globe—from Latin beats like the Rumba to street styles like krumping and breakin’. You’ll definitely finish with some sweet steps of your own.

The LEGO® Ideas Book

This clever book gives the tips and tricks to build your own LEGO® creations. Inside you will find medieval castles, pirate ships and wild animals like elephants and gators! Plus, there’s a DIY section to create your own picture frames, mosaic art, and more.
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  • Friday, September 21: Mackenzie G. ~ Muskegon, MI
  • Saturday, September 22: Zhayne T. ~ Alhambra, CA
  • Sunday, September 23: Sophie D. ~ Omaha, NB
  • Monday, September 24: Ahdanah' S. ~ New York, NY
  • Tuesday, September 25: Kelsey M. ~ Central Square, NY
  • Wednesday, September 26: Kelly B. ~ Petersburg, VA
  • Thursday, September 27: Jamie A. ~ Castaic, CA
  • Friday, September 28: Sam S. ~ Carle Place, NY

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