The best vlogger Halloween makeup tutorials


When it comes to Halloween, perfecting your makeup, we think, is almost as important as picking out your costume. Without the right makeup look…girl, you won’t be winning any contests. These tutorials may have some high-end makeup in them, but you can substitute any brand you like. These beauty gurus know what they are talking about and are ready to help you look extra awesome on October 31st.


  • 1_mermaid.png

    Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

    By: Carli Bybel

    Makeup Level: Intermediate

    Ariel, move over! This mermaid tutorial is about to blow everyone out of the water. Beauty guru Carli Bybel goes all out to show us how to score the best under-the-sea look! Even though she uses pink and purple shades in her video, don’t be afraid to switch up the colors to teals, blues and maybe even some gold or silver. One thing we are obsessed with are the subtle sequins (attached using eyelash glue) on her face, which really made her whole look pop.

  • 2_zombie.png

    Breakfast at Zombie’s

    By: Michelle Phan

    Makeup Level: Advanced

    WOW. That was all we can say after watching this makeup tutorial. Makeup star Michelle Phan, goes insanely all-out to give us the terrifying most epic Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets Zombie Slayer Halloween look. Using liquid latex, Michelle shows us how to put tissues on your face and create a grungy zombie look with your typical foundation, dark eye shadow, lipstick and get this…. fake nails as TEETH! This amazing video will for sure make you the scariest girl wherever you go.

  • 3_elsa.png

    Disney's Frozen Elsa Makeup Tutorial

    By: Dope2111

    Makeup Level: Beginner

    Tamang Phan, famous for her tutorials on many characters we know and love, outdid herself with her Elsa makeup tutorial. She found the perfect dress, an amazing wig, but we love how flawless her makeup is. Use some pink and purple shadow, winged liner, long fake lashes and pink lipstick then you are completely set to ‘Let it Go’!

  • 4_vampire.png

    Vampire Makeup Tutorial

    By: MayraTouchOfGlam

    Makeup Level: Beginner

    Pass the cup of blood, please! Mayra (known as MayraTouchOfGlam on YouTube) demonstrates her video of how to be the creepiest vampire this Halloween. Mayra finishes her amazing eye shadow off with long lush eyelashes and creepy white eye contacts! You don’t have to use fake eye contacts if your eyes are sensitive; they just make the look spookier. Don’t forget the fangs to really emphasize the undead look.

  • 5_effie.png

    Effie Trinket Makeup Tutorial - The Hunger Games

    By: Fawn

    Makeup level: Beginner

    In honor of Effie Trinket, may your Halloween makeup odds be ever in your favor. The YouTube Channel, Fawn (For All Women Network) has everything you need to master this look.. The next installment in the Hunger Games trilogy premieres in November, so you should be preparing your midnight movie outfit for practice!

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by Becky Kochell | 2/1/2016